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New York City sights. Sources of tourist information in Manhattan, New York City, from Tom Brosnahan, Have our extensive tourist package sent directly to your home. New York in a different way (& not like all other tourists).

Sources of tourist and travel information in New York City, and how to find them, by Tom Brosnahan.

Visitor Centers, New York City

Visitor centres can offer you free tickets and general information about New York. Please consult the New York Convention and Visitor's Bureau for information on your visit to New York. The Broadway Ticketing Center is situated in the Times Square Visitors Center in the center of the New York City Theater District and is your central point of call for theater information and tickets.

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The NYC travel guide: Avoiding errors when visiting New York City

And if you are even considering being in NYC, take a look at the remainder of our distiNATION: New York City Guidebook. It' piled with local experts' tips on what to dine, where to consume and what to do in the world's largest city. When I was a child, I liked to come to New York City.

We stayed in the same building in Flushing, Queens, where my mother was raised, with my infatuated Iranian grandma and her fierce little sibling - my Aunt Kay, who showed me the rope in the big city. Most of the timeframe, however, Nate Silver can't forecast your driver's leased line, the amount of travel, the cost (often $60+), or his mind.

A slightly more slowly a local buses (the M60 SBS) can take you from the LGA to Harlem, where you can reach the underground. Use one of the shuttles that run to all points in the city. New York City" for many means what the natives call Midtown - Times Square, Theater Row, Skyscraper, hectic, hurly-burly and the Naked Cowboy.

Choose Brooklyn or Queens, which can be a fast rail journey from Midtown (any journey of less than half an hours is considered fast in this city). A home base in another neighbourhood will also make it simpler to shun the fluorescent and poster walls of "Disneyfied New York".

" You may also find a side of the city you never knew. Everybody knows The Met, MoMa, The Natural History Muse (where the night at the Musée happens?) and probably the Guggenheim, too, if you've ever spent more than $25 on a hairdry. However, clever visitors go to the lower sections of the museums.

The Frick, The Neue Gallery, the (met-affiliated) Cloisters, The New Museum and the new (ish) Whitney in the Chelsea neighbourhood provide fabulous, strictly streamlined collection. The Transit Museum, the Tenement Museum and the Sex Museum are also available if you are not interested in it. However, often it is only rush-hour transport on the tourist highways.

When you only have a few short city breaks, you will meet the most crowded/popular off-hour rides on your itinerary. Yes, this is a big US city, and we have our portion of our own graduation, folks who talk to themselves at high volumes, and doors that stink of piss. This town may not have been much more safe.

Hailing a taxi for the first strike is like winning. 5 pm is "shift change" period - that is, if you need a taxi the most, there is none. Approximately five million in New York metro every single working hour - a figure more than half the states in America.

That'?s a whole bunch of them! So, the first stage of using the subway: For the best itineraries ( "plus estimated journey time") or to verify the services for each line, use You can also get a metro card on your mobile if the Wi-Fi works (we now have it in metro stations!) or take a printer.

It is of inestimable value in the case of a hiccough on your journey, e.g. if a railway is rerouted to another route or goes out of order abruptly. Please also note that some of our services run "locally" on the same route (stops at all stations), while others run "express" (stops only at certain railway stops, for convenience reasons).

Normally it is no trouble if you get on an fast passenger car by mistake and go to the stop provided - just get on the commuter car that goes in the opposite directions and drive back. Not" like a New Yorker" on foot are motorways. In New York you should go with one goal, not more than two persons next to each other.

In New York, the old gag is, "Do we have a taxi? "If you are on the underground, this is usually the fastest way to get there. More and more of my wealthy non celebrity buddies take the underground and reserve taxis/cabs to get home after a long one.

There'?s something not right when a place is empty on a hot day. You' ll miss the most interesting parts of New York City if you spent all your while in Manhattan or the beloved parts of Brooklyn. However, most of the times we are willing to freely and freely divide our passion for our home.

Take your free moment for transits and kismets - sometimes you will want to fell in loving a neighbourhood and spending the whole afternoon with it. The native Nas was famous in his play "New York State of Mind": "I never go to bed, because sleeping is the congenial companion of deaths. "The city sleeps, but postpone it as long as possible, because after a night out you will always recall the nights:

Time Square at 1 a.m., or Rockefeller Center at Christmas, or Greenwich Village on a Friday evening when a snowstorm covers the city. In New York there are many cocktails for 17 dollars, but there are also many good offers. Free-of-charge open -air museums, open air galeries, free comedies, street musicians in the park and underground stops - you can experience cultural events all year round without having to spend a cent.

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