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Tourist Office New York City

The city' s official congress and visitor office, NYC & Company, is currently headed by Fred Dixon. As a tourist, New York City is almost impossible to navigate. New Michelin star restaurants, opening all five blocks and thousands of restaurants around the world. Events and pictures of the New York City Tour. NYC & Company's Official Accessibility Guide, the city's visitor office, provides tools and resources for barrier-free travel within the city.

NYC: tourism center

The New York City's official tourist information center is located on 810 Seventh Avenue between 51nd and 52rd Streets. This is where you will find general information on a variety of subjects aimed at New Yorkers. New York City Website - this website provides information and updates on all facets of the city administration, as well as a dedicated guest book.

New York CityPass - this website offers the possibility for users to buy combined passes for several New York sights at a concession. Tourism Office Info. The website provides links to tourism information pages for all states and large New York area. It' useful for both foreign and local tourism in New York City.

Tourism- Statistics and the city

In 2013, both John F. Kennedy International and LaGuardia recorded more traffic than a year before. The number of attendees has reached new records. The visitor promotes the New York City business community. The Central Park is a target for 40 million people. Although Manhattan will remain the new hotel kingdom, Brooklyn expects 40 by 2017.

By 2016, around 73 of the five districts are to be opened.

NYC Congress and Visitors Office

Yonkers and Mount Vernon become the 6th and 7th districts, respectively, due to their closeness to NYC. Every year New York City welcomes over 20 million international and 40 million local visitors. Each year NYC holds over 200 major congresses and 500 meetings for a large number of customers, ranging from Fashion Week in the early part of the year to ComicCon in the autumn.

In New York we offer a comprehensive range of congress and visitor amenities to make the congress and visitor as comfortable as possible.

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The NYC & Company is the New York City's governing body for tourism, promotion and partnering. As a nonprofit virtual agent, its goal is to maximise New York City's tourism and tourism capabilities, create wealth and promote the vibrant New York City global reputation. She has started a number of hands-on activities, such as and the 810 Seventh Avenue NYC Information Center.

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