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Come to New York City for an unforgettable adventure. Explore the best hotels, restaurants and things to do with this highly curated New York City travel guide. The New York travel guide to the best things to do in New York, NY. Manhattan Transfers City Guide Playlists: The ferry to New York's counties.

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Fundamental information about New York City

Below you will find a brief overview of other important things, such as the floor plan of the city, the city' s timezone and various visitors' ID cards. There are five districts in New York City. Apart from the northerly and southerly peaks, the district's alleys run approximately in a northerly and southerly direction and the roads to the easterly and westerly directions.

One way roads are usual, with even roads to the east and uneven roads to the west. The Fifth Avenue splits the archipelago into an eastern and western side (e.g. places on Fifth Avenue's western side of Fifth Street are called "W. ý57th St." and on Fifth Avenue's eastern side "E. ý57th St.").

The further one moves from Fifth Avenue to the left or right, the larger the road address, usually in 100 steps from one bloc to the next. Nord-Süd-Alleen is 20 blocs a kilometer long, and the road numbers get bigger when you drive into town. Blocs can be a useful gauge of your range, but remember your direction: if you walk from 1 st to 6 th Streets, it's about a quarter nick, but if you walk the same number of blocs from First Avenue to Sixth Avenue, it's about a nick.

NYC is on Eastern Standard Times (Greenwich mean minus four during summer season, from about mid-March to early November, and minus five hour for the remainder of the year). Persons visiting New York City from outside the United States may need a visitor permit to travel to the United States.

of Homeland Securities has implemented several programmes that can help speed up safety and custom controls on travel to and from the United States, as well as New York City. Discover what's best for your New York trip with this New York CityPASS, New York City Explorer Pass, The New York Pass, The New York Sightseeing Pass and Building Your Own by Smart Destinations book.

Visiting the city by double-decker coach, ferry or chopper can be an unforgettable journey, and there are comfortable and inexpensive ways to see all the important sights of NYC. You can also find important information and detail about how the local people are celebrating the city' s festivities in our overview of the city. When you' re on the road for a single evening in the city, you should know that the alcohol limit in New York and the United States is 21 years and there is a ban on tobacco smoke in places throughout the city, which includes pubs, shops, restaurants, metro and taxi services, and pubs, gardens and sands.

The US currency is the default in New York City and the United States. While New York is America's surest city, people should still use good judgment to defend themselves and their belongings. And for more information about security, see our Visitor Hints. com, the offical website for New York State Tourismus.

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