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B Sixth Avenue Express is a rapid transit service in the B Division of the New York City Subway. Are you expanding your operations into the US markets? A New York

NYC. The New York's prestigious New York office is the world' leading centre for technology and creativity firms accessing the US markets. At the end of 2018, B. will move to its flagship centre in New York City. B. New York City Inkubator offers a gentle touchdown for multinational start-ups and scale-ups willing to penetrate the US markets and work with regional and national ( "government") partnerships.

The announcement was made in September 2016 by the Deputy Mayor of New York City, Alicia Glen. The New York based platform brings together components of a collaborative environment, an accelerator, an incubator, schools and a civic centre and is aimed at businesses that are experiencing dynamic growth and expansion across the world. It focuses on multinational corporations wishing to penetrate the US and settle in New York, as well as on U.S. corporations wishing to extend their activities to the EU markets.


NYC. We' ve got the right premises, the right utilities and the right surroundings for start-ups and scale-ups in one single school. B. New York offers the right materials to help your company prosper, from the exploration of potential deals to the connection with (corporate) customers and investment. It is our vision to create the best possible ecosystems to help our members and associates to be innovative, expand and make their operations prosper.

We are uniquely positioned to combine the tremendous potential of NYC and the entrepreneurial community in Europe. It is our aim to bring the most highly prospective start-ups to the US and back. In order to do this, B. New York City will go far beyond providing flexibility in terms of offices for technology firms.

In addition, B. New York City will provide a full range of value-added support to help businesses thrive and prosper while ensuring that their economic expansion has a beneficial effect on the community and the world. In order to do this, B. New York City will go far beyond providing technology businesses with the flexibility of offices and a full range of support and success enhancing service offerings, while ensuring that their expansion has a beneficial effect on the community and the world.

B. The New York City office will ensure that New York -based start-ups in Europe can scal up more quickly, easily and cost-effectively. We at B. are extremely enthusiastic to establish B. New York City as our top US site. Expansion from USA to EuropeWe also provide our service to US businesses looking to extend their activities to the EU as well.

You are a US enterprise interested in the EU markets? Find out more about B. Amsterdam, our 400,000 square meter big Europe flag ship!

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