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Get the New York Business Journal's Morning Edition and Afternoon Edition newsletters. The New York Business Journal is a digital media publication offering the latest business news and events! Latest news and analysis about Wall Street, technology, media, international business, banks and stock market. Here you will find information about new venues in cities throughout North America. SAS LAKES IN - Resorts World Casino New York City.

Small Business Directory NY Free listing of small companies in NYS.

Wellcome to NY Small Commercial Lists, a people-edited geographical index. The purpose of our directories is to help users find and purchase small companies in and around the state of New York. Update or modify your offer. Made in NY. As an NYS small businessman or corporate agent, please send us your corporate registration information and we will promptly verify it.

Corporation andBusinessEntity Database comprises enterprises and non-profit organizations, joint and several partnership entities, private and public commercial entities, and other enterprises.

Corporation and Entity Data Base comprises enterprises and non-profit organizations, joint stock and partnership enterprises, private and public joint stock enterprises and other enterprises. On-line searches in the company and economic data base are provided for querying the states of units already deposited with the Foreign Ministry. Clients are warned not to interpret DB searching information as an indicator that a name is available for use or not.

Suchanweisungen:: The data base does not contain any company or other economic entities registered according to ยง130 of the General Economic Law. Accepted applications for registration are submitted and managed by the Division of Corporation for incorporated entities, private and public liability entities and private partnership entities. Though managed by the Division of Corporation, the search for recordings of name used by incorporated entities, private individuals and incorporated entities must be made in writing, by fax or e-mail to the Division.

Any other corporation, such as general partnership, individual enterprises and partnership partners, shall submit a confirmation of the accepted name directly to the district employee in each district in which the corporation does or does doing any kind of work. Specify the name of the required economic activity. May be case-sensitive, case-sensitive or mixed-character.

The name of the entities can be input in different ways depending on the "search type" used. Generally, typing a greater part of the name will cause fewer entities to be displayed. Box status type: Choose one of two name categories. If you choose "Only active", only the name of the currently loaded objects is searched for.

If you select "All", both current and deactivated entities are searched for. Field keyword name:: "1 "1. begins with" This kind of searching will require you to enter the full name of the whole or part of the name. Non-alphanumeric symbols must also be typed exactly as they appear in the name of the entities.

The last two example below would not find the name of the economic unit if the decimal point had been omitted. "Contains " This kind of searching assumes that you know at least one of the words included in the name of the creature. Non-alphanumeric symbols do not have to be used.

"Partially " This kind of searching is similar to the "Contains" searching, but can take longer and lead to more results. Non-alphanumeric symbols do not have to be used. Find button: Sends the requisition.

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