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Picture: Courtesy of Omni Mount Washington Resort. Photo by Omni Mt. courtesy of The Long Island Beach is a popular holiday resort in the northeast.

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Whilst the overwhelming bulk of Long Island's shores lie in unspoilt parklands, our beach resorts provide excellent services and beautiful accommodation with sea vistas. Visit the renowned Montauk seaside resorts on Long Island's South Fork or the calm waters overlooking the north coast to see the most beautiful resorts on the east coast.

You can also go angling, play on New York's best golfs, take a birdwatching trip or see the Long Island Museum of Music. Look below to find some of the top resorts on the East Coast, from Montauk to South Shore Hotel - your ultimate luxurious beach destination for you!

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Discover 8 hidden tropical island resorts

In June, on the smaller twin of Antigua and Barbuda, the six-house Barbuda Belle was opened on a 17-mile long unspoilt rose sandside. Wooden cabins with covered canopies, pointed blankets and spacious outside areas with eating areas and shower facilities.

Visited by up to 5,000 couples of gorgeous fregatebirds, the reserve features birdwatching and walking, as well as snorkelling, angling and yachting, and a restuarant focused on locals. While there are many generous privately owned Caribbean islands resorts, the 850-acre Guana Islands in the Virgin Islands appeal to more outdoor enthusiasts than partygoers.

Since almost 40 years, the privately run residence, which includes 18 cabins and mansions, has been inviting researchers to the islands for research, which has led to the restoration of rose flamingoes and Jacobin pigeons in its nature reserve. Visitors can enjoy seven of the islands secluded sandy spots, a variety of walking paths, a guided orchard tours and the resort's first annual lunch party in January.

Prices start at $695, inclusive meal. The Dominican Republic has hardly disappeared from the scene with extensive resorts such as Casa de Campo and Punta Cana. However, the relatively large, for discoverers attractive areas, among them also the wide, beach-hiking northern coastline of Playa Grande. The new Playa Grande Beach Club, which will open in November, will only have nine 2,000 hectares of bungalow space in front of a kilometre-long beach (the waterfront is the mother of further development).

Celerie Kemble, the designers, modelled the Cottage, full of antique and made-to-measure furniture, according to the traditional wooden buildings of the Isle. They each have a complete cuisine, although the main beach volleyball team has a cafeteria, a swimming pools and a swimming bath surrounded by grid-framed shelters. JetBlue has been operating twice a week since this past holiday season between Kennedy Airport in New York and Grenada, making Spice Iceland a little more easily reachable.

Laluna relaxed retail complex has just added seven three- to five-bedroom mansions, each with an inflinity swimmingpool and access to a secluded beach. There are 16 Asian accentuated cabtages with outside shower, deck-mounted daybeds and washbasins. Italians import olive, vine and cheese from home, and the hotels offers a Zen Vibes with everyday Yogic courses in a beach gazebo and a three-room Bali therapist spas.

Prices start at $425. Outside the gates of Pico Bonito National Park near La Ceiba on the Honduras coastline of the Carribean, the 15-year-old Pico Bonito Resort is planning a three-room Pico Bonito in December with tree-like treatments houses on stilt-like outcrops. Roomy huts with arched wooden roofs are equipped with organically grown Hornuran coffees and a hammock on the verandas, but the true charm of the chalet lies near the wilderness, where more than 400 birdlife has been sighted with alien animals such as jags.

Prices start at $225, includes breakfasts. Auberge Resorts, the estate channelizes Costa Rica's cowboys into a horseback programme for all levels, from beginners to wranglers, on personal tracks or in a closed saddle. Prices start at $425, includes breakfasts. Conceived and in the possession of Miguel Ángel Aragonés, the building flanked by external paths with reflective swimming pool, and rooms will sculpt a soothing, pallid range of blonde wooden panels and blankets.

There are three indoor and outdoor spas, a beach-cub, a playground and a beach volleyball court. Located on the Pacific coastline in the state of Oaxaca, also known as Costa Chica, about 25 min by car from Huatulco International Airports, the 7-room Manta Raya Hotel is located on the tranquil beach of Salchi with large outdoor and indoor heated area. The hotel has a large terrace with panoramic views of the sea, the beach, the beach palace and the city.

Fifty dollars, includes breakfasts.

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