New York Average Weather November

in New York average weather November

November average weather in New York City New York, USA. In the State of New York The average November temperature in New York state metropolitan areas, parklands and ponds is shown below. Dowstate New York, Hudson Valley & Catskills, Adirondacks & Seaway, Finger and Central New York State & Central New York State et Western New York State. These charts show the standard highs and lows on the basis of weather information gathered by the US National Climatic Datacenter from 1981 to 2010.

Snowfall average for New York State in November

Below are the average November snows in New York State's municipalities, urban areas and parklands. Total snowfalls are average values calculated from weather datasets gathered for the National Climatic Datacenter from 1981 to 2010. Dowstate New York, Hudson Valley & Catskills, Adirondacks & Seaway, Finger Lakes & Central New York State & Western New York State.

Weather in November - New York City Forum

We' re going to New York for five nights on November 8. Which weather should we be expecting? Every piece of information would help us know what to wrap. Historic weather information here: The average high is 54, the average low is 41. I always found it pleasant in November, wearing denim, ulggs, a t-shirt, sweater and a zipper up hoody and thin shawl or passhmina was good for me and I'm usually freeze..... a bunch of folks eat outside dining too.

Last year I was in New York for Christmas and the weather was fine until the following Christmas and then the kid was this windbone-chill! Anyway, who gives a damn about the weather in the world's largest town? Do you have a fabulous journey Lou, just 41 short nights for me, good point Darren....... it's a terrific place isn't it?!

Enjoy....well, it's tough not to be in New York!! As you know, I would like to reply to your weather questions Lou...... but instead I would like to speak about the fall leaf. I hear that the lave will be about a weeks too late this year, so I hope they will still be there when you arrive in November.

In late November 2006 I was in New York. It rained from the sky, but for the next 6 nights until we got out of the weather was totally astonishing! Not even raining and it was clear sky most of the day, I think.

He took off his sweater the night we leave my man and went around in a T-shirt! Some of our buddies came after us this weekend and said it was really cloudy - not good weather for the Top of the Rock, ESB etc.. Usually I am in agreement with the above answers, shifts are keys - no such thing as weather guarantee these days! What do I have to do?

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