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is located on the eastern shore of the Mid-Atlantic United States. The country borders the Atlantic Ocean to the eastern side, Delaware to the southwest, Pennsylvania to the western side and New York to the northern and northeastern sides.

Part of the state are outskirts of New York City, just across the Hudson River in the northeast and Philadelphia, just across the Delaware River in the southwest. Though New Jersey is the most populous state in the country, it is known for its wonderful coastline and other wildlife features, such as Cape May migrating bird, the Pine bars, bilberry barrens and moors, the Delaware Water Gap, a 72 mile stretch of the Appalachian Trail and its inter-urban analog, the Eastern Coast Greenway[3], and the Palisades.

Reykjavik - The home of the College of New Jersey (TCNJ). New Jersey is the second oldest New Jersey Hotel in America. Atlantilcity - An 18th century seaside spa, the site was reincarnated in the 1970' s as a playhouse. by the Delaware River, just to the East of Philadelphia.

Website der USS New Jersey, Adventure Aquarium und Campbell's Field. Old town of Hoboken on the Hudson with magnificent views of lower Manhattan. New Jersey Downtown - New Jersey's second biggest town, directly opposite the Hudson River of Lower Manhattan. The Newark New Jersey's biggest town - the Newark Liberty International Airport, the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, the Newark Symphony Hall, the Prudential Center (home of the New Jersey Devils Hockey Team), the Catholic Basilica of the Sacred Heart (built in the French Gothic Revival tradition, it is North America's fifth biggest cathedral) and the Newark Museum - the biggest in the state.

Also Newark Branch Brook Park, known for the biggest gathering of wild strawberry blossoms in the United States, offers over 4,300 in more than fourteen different species. The New Brunswick - home of Rutgers' former and biggest Rutgers college, the State University of New Jersey, two clinics and Johnson & Johnson HQ.

Little town on the Navesink River, known for its cultural, architectural and gastronomic heritage. The third biggest town in the state. There are four communities just westwards of Newark: Orange Township, Town of East Orange, Township of South Orange Village and Township of Wild Orange.

The four were once among the wealthiest congregations in New Jersey. Whereas Orange and East Orange are relatively urbane and worker-friendly today, South Orange and West Orange are still wealthy suburbs. Attractions include the East Orange General Hospital, Seton Hall University (South Orange), Thomas Edison National Historical Park (which conserves the Thomas Edison lab and residence) (West Orange) and St. John's Kirche, a Gothic Latin Cathedral that contains some of the finest works of art of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and a historical whistle organ.

City of Orange Township. Delaware Waters Gap National Recreation Area - camping, walking and canoeing on the Delaware River. Jersey's coastline - sandy shores, birdlife and promenades - and wonderful beacons. Sussex County Action Parks - ski area and aquatic parks 1h from New York City. Although the area is more advanced than the Delaware Bayshore, the Brackwater shores are less overcrowded than the Atlantic coast.

Camship Waterfront - contains USS NEW Jersey (battleship), Adventure Aquarium and Kindergarten. Jersey is a heavily settled state with a varied populace, wealthy cultures and many advantages, among them wealthy physical and chemical heritage and Fortune 500-enterprises. The Atlantic City, Princeton and New Brunswick are large towns and are lived in by the mid- to highclass.

There' s a powerful impact from New York City in the north, and Philadelphia in the south. New Jersey's main New Jersey broadcasters and TV channels are all based in these towns. Also New Jersey acts as a sleeping room fellowship for many who work in New York City and Philadelphia.

When you drive in New Jersey, remember that state legislation does not allow self-service at petrol points. Jersey has some of the lowest cost petrol in the state because of its low tariff, but a petrol company must use it. New Jersey is pouring in from everywhere, especially New York City and Philadelphia, making it hard to separate the New Jersey part.

New Jersey's real emphasis is on mother-tongue writers such as Steve Adubato, United States Supreme Court Justice, Samuel Alito, and Louis Freeh, former head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The Newark Liberty lnternational Airport offers probably the most comfortable entrance to New Jersey. Philly is another possibility.

The Atlantic City offers some smaller national flights, especially airlines, but travelers should be clear that it is far from most cities. Liberty International Airports (IATA: EEA, ICAO: KEWR, FAA LID:EEA). The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey operates an important cargo and passengers transportation facility and is an important platform for United Airlines.

The Newark Liberty International has 3 airports for passengers. It' in Newark, New Jersey. Kennedy International John F. Kennedy International Airports (IATA: JFK, ICAO: KJFK, FAA LID: JFK) run by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. Situated in Queens County, on Long Island, southeast of New York City.

It is the most congested intercontinental gate to the United States with more intercontinental flights than any other North America city. Fifty-eight -nine,320,000 people used the airfield in 2010, making it the world's twelfth biggest city. This is an important global aviation center for American Airlines and the sixth biggest for Delta Airlines.

La Guardia International Airports (IATA: LGA ICAO: KLGA FAA LID: LGA) . Run by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. The hotel is situated in the north of Queens County on Long Island in the city of New York on the Flushing Bay and Bowery Bay waterfronts. The Philadelphia International Airports (IATA: PHL, ICAO: KPHL, FAA LID:PHL)[5] is the biggest in the Delaware Valley and Pennsylvania area.

This is American Airlines' second biggest and most important global aviation gateway, serving the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe and the Middle East. Atlantis City lnternational Airports (IATA: ACY, ICAO: KACY, FAA LID:ACY)[6] A common civil-military open air port situated 10 mi (17 km) (9 nm) north-west of the CBD of Atlantic City, in Atlantic County, New Jersey, in the Pomona section of Galloway Municipality.

You can reach the international airports via the Atlantic City Expressway take the 9. Expressway. It belongs to and is run by the South Jersey Transportation Authority. The Atlantic City International-Atlantic City is a une Basis für den 177. Fighter Wing der New Jersey Air National Guard und die United States Coast Guard's Coast Guard's Coast Guard Air Station Atlantic City.

It borders the William J. Hughes FAA Technical Centre, an important research and test centre for the Federal Aviation Administration and a Federal Air Marshal Service School. Spirit Airlines and AirTran Airways fly to the aiport. Trenton Mercer International Airports (IATA: TTN, ICAO: KTTN, FAA LID:TTN)[7] A common civil-military community airfield in Ewing Township, Mercer County, New Jersey.

This is a key hub for Frontier Airlines and will offer twelve non-stop flights from June 2015, among them Atlanta and Chicago. Oldschleife Bridge International Airports (IATA:none, FAA:LID:3N6) Open to the general population 9. 26 km (5 min) due to the Old Bridge CBD in Middlesex County. It is a private property and is next to the Old Bridge Township Raceway Park.

In 2008 Newark and LaGuardia had more than 107 million air travelers, making these three hubs the most frequented in the United States and the second largest in the rest of the country after London in the United Kingdom. We pass through NJ from Philadelphia to NY Penn Station to the points beyond (Boston in the NY and Washington, DC and Newport News, VA in the NY).

The SEPTA is located in'Trenton' &'West Trenton' of Philadelphia and can be used as a base to reach this part of the southwestern center of New Jersey. The New Jersey Transit has train connections from New York City. The NJ Transit Railservice can be used for Zentraljersey and Nordwestjersey.

There'?s a runaway from Philadelphia to Atlantic City. You can also take the NYC to New Jersey or Philadelphia to New Jersey PATH trains. New Jersey Turnpike (Interstate 95)[9] passes through the state and connects the northern part of the state with the southern part. The I-280 is a small but busy motorway that stretches from the I-80 through Montclair, the Oranges and Newark before leaving at Turnpike.

It' against the law in New Jersey to use your own natural Gas. Note that most Delaware River sailings and all New York sailings are subject to a fee. The price ranges from one buck to five bucks for Delaware viaducts and twelve bucks for New Yorker sailings.

Travellers should also know that the Interstate 295 links Trenton with Delaware and Philadelphia and follows most of the route along the New Jersey Turnpike. If you are traveling in New Jersey, please note that if a street is 65 MPH, this means that all penalties for offences will be cubeled. The New Jersey State Police will stop you even if you don't keep to the right.

New Jersey also has a "lights on whipers on" legislation that stipulates that the headlamps must be on when your windscreen cleaners are on and a hands-free rule (no use of hand-held devices if they are not used hands-free). The New Jersey State Police are infatuated and person a person honor for state a conspicuous bit inconspicuous ( "It's not uncommon to see group motor vehicle zooming finished position lane in traffic-less opportunity opportunity deed 90-100mph).

The New Jersey Turnpike, if you are driving northbound, use Interstate 295 and join the New Jersey Turnpike via Interstate 195 in Trenton (NJ Turnpike Exit 7A) if you want to make a few dollar savings. The New Jersey Turnpike is also the only street in the state that uses remotely numbered roads.

This includes Academy, Martz Trailways and New Jersey Transit, which connect New Jersey with New York City and Philadelphia. oltBus[ 11] operates Newark from Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, D.C. Megabus[12] operates Atlantic City, New Brunswick, & Princeton from New York City and Secaucus from Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington, D.C. Believe it or not, it is possible to hitch a ride from the New York metro.

However, be aware that New Jersey state laws on horseback riding are infamously equivocal and you can be harassed by the locals so use good judgment and confidentiality. Interstates serves most of the large New Jersey towns. I95 is part of the New Jersey Turnpike, which is a great road (except that there is a free of charge hole on Trenton that will be changed by 2016).

Garden State Parkway operates the Jersey Shore and parts of Northern New Jersey and the Atlantic City Expressway is a tolling lane leading to Atlantic City, except that it is under a normal lane for a few mile once the Philadelphia freeway ends. We have service areas, most have a Sunoco in the Turnpike and others, many have a Burger King, Starbucks, or whatever.

A few special transport features in New Jersey..... A number of tolls along the river bank only load cars in one particular way, for example towards New York State in theheast and Delaware and Pennsylvania in the West. From Manhattan to Hoboken, Jersey City and Newark, the system of trains [13] is operated by Colorado City.

You can use it for trips to Newark Liberty International Airport and Pennsylvania Station in New York City. SEPTA[ 15] regional railway lines link Trenton and West Trenton with Philadelphia. In Philadelphia, PATCO[16] runs a high-speed railway that links several important points in the city centre with many suburbs in the south of New Jersey.

Privately owned coach operators such as Suburban Transit, Martz Trailways and DeCamp also operate in New Jersey and have services in the state. There are many picturesque places in New Jersey, among them the magnificent Palisades (where Aaron Burr Alexander Hamilton was killed), opposite New York City on the west bank of the Hudson river. This cliff rises about 300 to 500 ft in areas and gives a stunning New York City panorama over the city.

There is also the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area in front of Interstate 80. Descend the Delaware River with an inner pipe, canoe and much more. Christmas Day, you can see a re-enactment of Washington's cross the Delaware River just off the NJ29 just off Trenton.

Whatever you're interested in, you'll probably find it in New Jersey. Even if you are someone who loves to shop there, there are a number of centres where you can find activity like Jersey Gardens Mall, Moorestown Mall, Bordentown Mall, which is only for the cinema because nobody goes there.

Night life ranges from casino and headlining shows in Atlantic City to Albert Hall[19] in Waretown, Belmar and Madison jazzy nights. Jersey is known for its jersey cherry peppers, sweets, blueberries and lingonberries and other products that every tourist wants to enjoy in the year. New Jersey New Jersey dinner, often quoted outside the state, does justice to its heyday.

The majority of New Jersey's major cities have their own dinner, and if you are in a city where there are none, there are certainly at least two within 15 minutes by car. When you don't feeling like going to a dinner for your New Jersey breakfasts, bagels store are extremely public and almost all are baking their own on premise.

Try bagels of bread, eggs and cheeses for the ultimate Jersey adventure. One of the most important things to remember about Jersey is that it is a great place to go. It is home to a very large Portugese people. Drunken control points are widespread along the coast. that New Jersey is a pretty secure place.

Suburbs and rural areas are very secure along with most of Jersey's coastal cities. A few quarters of Camden, Newark, Atlantic City, Jersey City and Trenton are criminal, but it is unlikely that you will be visiting these areas. Newark has become much more secure than in previous years, also thanks to the efforts of a very committed burgomaster, and hosts a thriving art community that encompasses the visual art at the New Jersey Performing Art Center (entertainment from Itzhak Perlman to Louis C.K.) and Prudential Center activities.

When noting that you spend an evenings in Newark, can be amazed with some nosy looks from New Jersey residents who wonder why you would ever go there, one can attending an art event, visit a nearby park and go back all intact. Jersey has the highest concentration of autobody possession in the United States, so you' ll be awaiting overcrowded freeways and the casual mad-drivers.

There is a tendency for road users to significantly exceed the limits of speeds on the New Jersey Turnpike, Garden State Parkway or other motorways. A number of areas - especially the famous Jersey Shore - are very accustomed to travel. In no event will you be able to Import Guns into the state without advising the New Jersey State Police and the correct Legal Advice before your journey.

There are no out-of-state guns licences and there are no weapon misdemeanors that are classified under a crime. Though the federal prohibition on "assault weapons" has passed, New Jersey still has a state prohibition on a large number of guns, munitions, magazines and other arms that are lawful in other states.

Keep your minds at heart, New Jersey is one of the few states that prohibits all user pyrotechnics. Don't return your bought firework to New Jersey; this is considered contraband because you (the consumer) are in possession of it. Penalties for contraband in New Jersey will result in heavy prison sentences.

There are, however, exemptions as permitted by a community for particular events in a garden or on the bank (e.g. Independence Day). Remember also that the Nordic countries identify with New York civilization, while the Southern countries have close ties with Philadelphia.

People from New Jersey are conscious of the stereo types fuelled by pop TV shows like Jersey Shore and The Sopranos and can be very vulnerable to how they are perceived by the outside world. Referrals to the above TV shows' personalities, their way of life and/or generalizations about New Jersey are almost always answered with hostilities and excuses.

Don't suppose everyone from New Jersey is impolite, noisy, ignorant, etc. New Jersey is a vibrant city! One of the advantages of a New Jersey visit is that you are very near New York City, which is located directly on the Hudson Riviera. Farther northerly is New York, a country and very nice area.

The Pennsylvania - Philadelphia is on the other side of the Delaware Rivier. New Jersey's neighbour to the South of the city was the first state to have ratified the constitution (hence the nicknamed "First State") and provides an urbane immersion in its northerly parts, while offering a country feel to the Souths?

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