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This is a new look at Shakespeare's works. New Oxford Shakespeare - Oxford University Press New Oxford Shakespeare presents a completely new view of all Shakespeare's works, which was developed from the first basic text and is based on the latest text and theatre studies. These three interlinked printed papers and the on-line issue were produced by an inter-generational global research group led by Gary Taylor, John Jowett, Terri Bourus and Gabriel Egan.

Extent, breadth and visions of the study offer the ideal basis for the further development of Shakespeare's work. "New Oxford Shakespeare is aimed at'the great diversity of readers' - students, scientists, actresses, authors, artists in various forms, at different layers. A groundbreaking work. Do you have any question about The New Oxford Shakespeare or the Illuminating Shakespeareject?

New Oxford Shakespeare: Contemporary Critical Edition - Hardcover - William Shakespeare, Gary Taylor, John Jowett, Terri Bourus, Gabriel Egan

With the purchase of the new printed version you get 12 (twelve) month online admission to the entire New Oxford Shakespeare Online. Distinguished Research Professor, Florida State University,,, Professor of Shakespeare Studies, Stellvertretender Direktor, The Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham, Gary Taylor est Distinguished Research Professor an der Florida State University. is a Shakespeare professor and deputy director of the Shakespeare Institute at Birmingham University.

He is Professor of Shakespeare and Renaissance Drama at Indiana University, Indianapolis. GABRIEIEL Egan is Professor of Shakespeare Studies at the University of De Montfort. Everybody knows William Shakespeare, the productive British dramatist and writer of the later 1500s and early 1600s. Against the backdrop of TNT's new TV show Will, which had its premiere on July 10th, we have prepared a trivia test to test your understanding of Shakespeare's works.

So who were Shakespeare's employees? Of course, when we study Shakespeare's complete works, we primarily study Shakespeare. For the same reasons Shakespeare has worked together as most people: different members of the staff are particularly good at different work.

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