New Paltz Spa

The new Paltz Spa

The Jenkinstown Day Spa by the stream offers many treatments for relaxation, renewal and rejuvenation. Rhiannon's Saltz of the Paltz is the first Himalaya saline bath in the Hudson Valley. Rhiannon's Saltz of the Paltz is the first Himalaya saline bath in the Hudson Valley. We offer infra-red Himalaya saltsaunas, riki and all kinds of nature based saunaware. Theresa and Sean Lewis, the proprietors, discovered that saline treatment has been around since ancient Greece and helps with airway problems by breathing vapour from hot saltwater.

Finally, saltgrottes became a favourite target in Eastern Europe for those with airway problems. Now saltwater spas are on their way through the United States. According to the co-owners, the company is the first Himalaya saltwater spa in the Hudson Valley and in the state of New York. Half hours of saunage in cabins with one or two cedars.

You can also buy a pack of four separate saunas for $80. On the ground are tiles made of Himalaya-Salz, which develop their pleasant qualities during moistening and heating. This Himalaya saline can help with respiratory problems, RA, allergy, skin cleansing and detoxification of the human organism, Theresa said.

Thursdays and Fridays Saltz of the Paltz also provides sessions with facial massage. Her name was born from her youngest child, Rhiannon, 17, who teaches her family to take over the job after graduation. It also has a shop and internet shop.

The company sells Himalaya saltworks, cosmetics and self-care items. Some of the most favoured items are goat's lotions and Himalaya salted lights. Himalaya saltlamps, which go for $43, are one of the most sought after items in the store. This lamp releases harmful salts that can promote circulation, enhance insomnia, raise the level of cerebral serotonins and alleviate allergies or signs of bad breath.

The temperature decline has made the store more successful. We are planning to contact the universities and sports divisions near by to train sportsmen and trainers in the existing IR saline saunas and to develop their businesses. Rhiannon's Saltz of the Paltz at 215 Main Street is currently open from Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 to 20:00 and Sunday from 10:00 to 18:00.

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