New Paltz Ny Tourism

The New Paltz Ny Tourism

Explore everything you enjoy in New Paltz! In Germantown - and on the way there convincing new reasons for a visit. Daylight savings time in Otsego County, New York is very nice. Adirondacks north of New York. New York City's official destination marketing organization is located in Midtown Manhattan.

Visiting - New Regional Chamber of Commerce Paltz

New Paltz lies below Shawangunk Ridge and is one of the gems of Ulster County. Guests come to New Paltz to swimm in glacier ponds, ride the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail, discover the region's wealth of local heritage and cultural heritage, experience the seasons' diversity of farmhouses, fruit groves and vineyards, savour the attractions and fragrances of blossoming parks and tasty food, scale unparalleled cliffs, go on adventure walks and admire breathtaking outlooks.

Art & CultureArt, training and the arts flourish in New Paltz. Attend the State University of New York in New Paltz for thrilling livemusic, theatre and dancing shows or see the Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art's ongoing collections and pioneering exhibits. Explore the work of some of the city' s finest performers, actresses, artists and craftsmen in New Paltz' smaller art gallery and performing arts space, featuring the Unison Art and Learning Center' amazing year-round sculpted walking tour.

From the Hudson River School of the Hudson River artist to the work of modern photography and painting at tens of different places of interest, come to the city to see it. Celebrate New Paltz's long and rich farming heritage. Taste the world-famous Hudson Valley wine on the Shawangunk Wine Trail through the Shawangunk Mountain Region, consisting of 12 heritage estates, all proud of their well-crafted red and white wine, from mellow to sour.

Eating in New Paltz is always a pleasure, with a wide selection of dishes to delight every taste. New Paltz offers a wide variety of veggie dishes, delicious and informal dishes, winebars and even a selection of summer beers and dishes at the brewery. New Paltz is a great chance to try everything.

Outdoors attractionsNew Paltz is best known for its outstanding outdoors. Shawangunk Ridge is a great place for walkers and cyclists with some of the best scenery in the Hudson Valley. Canticou Crag at Mohonk Reserve, Skytop at the world-famous 140-year-old Mohonk Mountain House Resorts, Awosting Falls at Minnewaska State Park Reserve and the Ice Caves at Sam's Point Reserve are just a foretaste of what Shawangunk Ridge has to offer. Enjoy the spectacular scenery at Mohonk Hill.

The Gunks " is the most visited area in North America for mountaineers. 50,000 mountaineers visit the area every year to climb around 1200 itineraries. ShoppingNew Paltz really has something for everyone as a mall. Everything from clothes, jewellery and footwear to handicrafts, crafts and antiquities can be found in New Paltz's malls.

New Paltz is the place to be if you prefer pure nature, great offers and an astonishing diversity of businesses, boutiques and unique cuisine.

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