New Paltz Mohonk Mountain House

The new Paltz Mohonk mountain lodge

You can book Mohonk Mountain House, New York on TripAdvisor: Mohonk Mountain House Spa. Mohonk Mountain House part time. The Mohonk Mountain House Golf Course, New York Weather. Now, on that past Mother's Day, we both lived that dream at Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz, NY.

The Mohonk Mountain House: Maze and lemon squeezer

When you visit in early autumn or early autumn, there is a good possibility that the labyrinth and the lemon squeezer are shut (they are shut all year round). Mohonk can be contacted on 845-256-2197 to receive a note on walking requirements (this number becomes a status update in winter) before you waste your precious free day there.

Walking across Mohonk Mountain House to Labyrinth Skramble and up through the spectacular Mohonk Mountain House and through the spectacular scenery of the Col. is one of the most unforgettable adventures in Hudson Valley or elsewhere. Jump onto a cliff with fantastic vistas of the Mohonk Preserve and beyond as a treat for jamming through cliffs and voluntarily becoming a volunteer lime in the Memon Squeeze - here's a six picture panorama:

I was here when it was very full, and there was a long line at the foot of the Lemon Squeeze. On my thirty-fifth anniversary we burnt half a holiday to make the Lemon Squeeze on a cool October-Friday, and we had the place to ourselves. Coming from the hiking car park near the watch house, view of the bathhouse.

You can jump onto it by walking behind the bath on the lefthand side, or you can take the path further to the right, in the back area. You' ll not see any signposts pointing to it (at least I don't), but if you look at the free (well, somehow free) card they gave you at the guardhouse, you'll see you winding along the Huguenot Track (from the car park on the right side of the page).

Simply drive ahead and in less than ten min the Huguenot Trail ends on Whitney Rd, where you hear the big scarlet shield telling you to keep off the asphalt street (called Huguenot Drive for added confusion). Continue on Whitney Rd, with Huguenot Drive on your lefthand side.

The Whitney Road goes down through the forest and comes to a rather unsignposted crossroads in less than ten min (on my last trip there was a dustbin, if that's a marker). Turn here to your lefthand and follow North Lookout Road (unmarked as far as I could tell).

That is the beginning of our bend - today we come back to this crossroads via the small path again directly (marked on the card with a dashed line, for those who follow us). We will reach Beech Bend in less than five min (unmarked on the map), where we will drop off most of the walkers on the way to the lodge (we will pass the lodge at the end of the morning after we have deserved a picnic).

Turn to your lefthand to jump onto Glen Annaath. HINT: This way is a bit more exhausting than the way to the Picnic Lodge. This is a good way for me because it's the less used way, it makes a beautiful bend for the whole afternoon and it goes past a cold pavilion (Talman Seat) with a great panorama you would otherwise miss.

Unless you feel adventurous and don't worry about making a round out of this walk, you can join all the other walkers to the picnic lodge and then to the mountain lodge. When you choose to leave the Glen Anna Path, we look forward to a walk and see you in the Mountain House at step 12 below.

Continue along the Glen Annaath for about five mins. It' going to scale a wood stairs and a cul-de-sac on the other side of Huguenot Drive. Once you have crossed the street, go strait ahead/left to jump onto Foxath. "warning away," says the plate. You' ll probably see an odd scarlet mark on the rock, but otherwise you'll just have to keep pulling up the beaten track until it throws you onto Sky Top Roads.

If you come to Sky Top Road (it is a broad cart path), turn right to see the beautiful pavilion with blocked overlooks. If you want to get to the Mountain House, the quickest way is via the Fox Trail, but then you miss the Talman Seat, which is a really fun place, and it's an easier walk to get there from here, maybe to add a few extra mins to your outing.

Just take a moment to breathe deeply in the pavilion and see how angry it is that we don't go the beeline. Once you're done thinking, continue on Sky Top Road in the same sense, away from Foxath. They are only on Sky Top Road for a whole 4 mile ( "it took about 10 minutes") before it turns into Huguenot Drive (which has turned into a hiking trail since the last one we saw it).

Turn lefthand onto Huguenot Drive towards Mohonk House. Once you are done, get off Talman Seat and drive on Huguenot Drive. The Mohonk Mountain House and its terrain are just a minutes away. Approaching the Berghaus, you come past a puttin' greens on the right, and then, bam, there it is, right in front of your eyes.

The Mohonk Mountain House. Remark: The big unprepared walker (that's you) is not permitted in the mountain lodge or even on the veranda. Seriously, they can't fill the mountain lodge with tonnes of humans all the times, and the ones who have peeled several hundred skeletons a dark side earn some leeway.

Turn right up to overlook Mohonk lake, over which the Mountain House is on your right. Begin on your lefthand side around the pond, away from the mountain lodge. Turn right at the junction onto Shores Road, which will take us to the labyrinth in a moment.

Have a look back at the Mountain House. Then, just a minutes after you join Lake Shore Road, your date begins with fate on a small side road to your lefthand side. Now you can get off at any time and walk the cobbled Sky Top Trail to Sky Top Tower (just walk back to Mountain House and make a U-turn and turn onto Lake Shore Drive).

There' a few places you could get lost if you're not careful. Seriously, that's where the lead goes? As you ascend, the path opens, the marked reds lead you to the rift and you can at last stay upright for a while.

One notices after a while that the path leads to the rift in the crag. Continue towards this rift until you reach the ladder. Get on the ladder and let me squeeze you, citrus! Continue up the last cliffy spot on the path, then up the steps to Sky Top Tower.

You' re in the Hudson Valley, you have a good shot of seeing your house from up here. Exit the lighthouse, turn right and take Sky Top Rd in the direction of Berghaus. Approximately one minutes after exiting the lighthouse, turn off the dirt track to the Sky Top Path in the direction of the Berghaus.

Return to Mountain House along the Sky Top Path, past some beautiful pavilions and an icehockey-pavillion. Shortly before returning to the mountain lodge you will see signposts leading hikers (that's you) to the picnic lodge. Picnic Lodge is our next stop, so please sign.

Take a leisurely strolling across the vast meadow to the right of the Berghaus. When you get to Stone Summerhouse, turn to your lefthand side and head down towards the green house road. Descent from Stone Summerhouse, onto Emerald Road and further away from Mountain House. Continue following the signposts to Picnic Lodge, which is directly opposite the greenhous.

Cross Barn Road and turn right towards Picnic Lodge. After you have found the picnic lodge (this place was once Central Hiker Sunday, with groceries for sale, but it is now open for walkers and is used for daytime sweaters ), you will follow the signposts to GATE.

Visit the Picnic-Lodge' SITE ON THE LEEF. On the right, the street that looks quite welcoming is a cul-de-sac. Go around Picnic Lodge to the lefthand side to take the small untitled trail (marked with a dashed line on the map) leading to North Lookout Rd.

Turn right onto North Lookout Road next to Picnic Lodge. The North Lookout Road winds around a small scenic rocky promontory and gives you the last view of a Mohonk wall for the whole year. You' ll be walking about three quarter of a mile before you reach the Whitney Road short cut - it took us about fifteen to get there from the picnic lodge.

If you see a label marked "SHORTCUT TO WHITNEY ROAD AND GATEHOUSE" on the lefthand side, turn lefthand to go down the steps and take the acronym. Continue along the small short cut path for a moment, then you come back to a trusted crossroads from before.

Continue on Whitney Road and complete the bend for the rest of the year. After about five mins. turn to your right at the crossroads to return to the Huguenot Track following the signs for GATEHOUSE and Parkling Lot. There' s a really good shot you won't need this hiking guidebook anymore, but we've come this far, so let's just sum it up, shall we?

I' d suggest the Cajun chickens nacho and mussel soup at P&G's in New Paltz. A freshly pressed lime, like you. New Paltz town, take Route 299 westwards. Immediately after the Wallkill River viaduct, turn right onto County Rd 7 (Springtown Road) towards Mohonk Mountain House.

After half a kilometer turn lefthand onto County Rd 6 (Mountain Rest Road). Continue up the hillside and then turn to your lefthand side into the entry of Mohonk Mountain House (if you walk under a small flyover, you are just a few steps too far). You will be asked to stop at the gatehouse, where you will be issued a card and freed of your bank.

The Mohonk Mountain House will also give you directions: Mohonk Mountain House's location is: Mohonk Mountain House. More: Maze and Lemon Squeeze images from the Picasa Photo Gallery of the walk: Did you find this signpost useful?

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