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Find out why a day of good food, artisan beer, wine and spirits, sales, live entertainment and family fun celebrates the taste of New Paltz. It is a RAIN-OR-SHINE event. Here you will find events and festivals throughout the year in New York State, including shows, sporting events, cultural events, art exhibitions, and food and music festivals. There are no upcoming events at Garvan's. The month of May is the national cycling month and here are all the local events in the New Paltz region and the larger Hudson Valley.

New Paltz Art & Crafts Fair (Sep 2018), Woodstock Neue Paltz Art and Crafts Fairs, New Paltz USA

"In Woodstock New Paltz Art & Fairs, 37 Years of Supportive Craftsmanship" you will encounter judged artwork. You will also find music, artisan beers, local wines, a children's playground, healthcare items, artisan presentations and much more to make it an unforgettable experience.

They had many different kinds of salesmen there and the easiness of going through the marquees was good. Like always many great providers and many different ones for every tast. Woodstock New Paltz Art & Craft Fairs showcases a variety of different kinds of goods and service, including handcrafted trekking caps, gloves, stockings and apparel lines, woven, knitted and felt articles and much more.

COLLECTION! Buzzer Night Dance in the park with the SACINTS OF WING IS ON!

Visit us in New Paltz's own New Paltz Pavillon for a swingtanz night supported by the New Paltz Recreation team. Last year's meeting was a great success! When it rains lightly, the ball will take place under a gazebo. 8 -22 Uhr Uhr Stringancing to the Saints of swing mit Miss René Bailey !

You will find the Area of Dreams Park directly opposite the Country Swimmingpool on the fair grounds.

The new Paltz cycling events during the national cycling month

In May is the national cycle season and in this sense there are some events here! To honour the National Bike Monday we have some activities that we will offer in May. The two trips start at 6 p.m. and while the street trip usually has an A and a B2 group, the MTB group tends to hold together.

State Park Minnewaska and Mohonk Preerve are open for cycling! Bring your bicycle and discover the beautiful landscape of springs and the never-to-be disappointed view. You don't have a bicycle? Mid-Hudson Bicycle Clubs offers regular trips through the Hudson Valley. Please feel free to get in touch with the Fats In The Cats MTB Association, the IMBA section of our region and the authorities on PT.

New Paltz BMX circuit has several events in May. You can find information and events on Mountaine Creek Bicycle Park and Plattekill Mountaineer open all year. New York City's two nearest New York City and New Paltz county hillbike downhills are only 60-90 min away, both of which have tracks for every one.

Womens Woodstock Cycling Grand Prix is the only street racing event for girls in the Catskill Mountains area. Boro 5 Boro Tour will take place in New York City. Unfortunately, it is too long if you have not registered for this year's trip, but there is still next year. New Paltz Middle School is the venue for the seventh annual New Paltz Bicycle Swap.

When you have something to buy, you can post your item and the Fats In The Cats cycle shop will be selling it for you (you will receive a 20% fee to support the shop and its community representatives). Renegades Mountainbike Clubs hosts the Hike-A-Bike Mountainbike Races in Lippman Park.

Two routes are available and the riders will ride a cyclo-cross track. There are a variety of trails with different quantities of racing and track-riding. Stewards of Stewart is a Stewart State Forest based trailer building association and the Stewart Park and Reserve Coalition organizes an international cycle trip there every year.

Choose an activity, get your bicycle and take a trip!

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