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NYC's hit list: Best New Restaurants in NYC - New York

You wonder where you should eat in New York City now? This is our best hit for every place opened last year that we warmly suggest. It is a large Italy indoor/outdoor dining area right outside Union Square and you should come out at the boccia pitches with a date or staff for pastas and nigronis.

There is a pop-up diner in the large patio in front of the High Line Hotel in Chelsea every year. The Golden Hour is a seafood-focused place this year, premiered by the folks behind Maison. Just like the classical pub, The Golden Hour offers exquisite coctails and dark oysters with labels like "Pink Moon" and "Duxbury Standards".

Hearing that Joe & Pat's - one of our top 20 pizzerias - had opened their first Manhattan commercial, we had two immediate thoughts, in that order: And if you are not a Staten Islander, you don't have to take the boat to try some of the best pizzas in town.

It takes even the most exciting new Greenpoint places a while to find their way around - they usually don't want to go to a place they're not quite sure about. The new vegetated Viet Nam food is already here, but the better word is that it's already rewarding to wait.

There is a rather large meal that is a mixture of Vietnam' s old-fashioned cuisine, such as sandwiches and pancakes, and Di An Di Originalen, like a Vietnam''pizza'' made of crunchy crusty crustal cereals. All in all, this is the most exciting thing we have experienced since Hanoi House about a new Viet Namese food-store.

It' hard to find good suspicion in New York town. It' more difficult to find good sustainhi that doesn't make you decide between purchasing your cond bill and purchasing the stockings that were in your Amazon Prime shopping basket. However, a few places in town have a good compromise between value for money and qualitiy, and Juku is now one of them.

There are only 12 seated, but you can listen to the tunes and order a cocktail from the bottom of the room, making Juku an enjoyable and enjoyable time. We also have some interesting small dishes from the wild air folk (who are partner in this place), among them some cow crudos with olives and pistachios, which may be better than the pizzas.

An extraterrestrial visiting Lowerline, a new Cajun place in Prospect Heights, would return to his mother ship with the feeling that it is very simple to run a large place on a large scale on planetary world. Also that the term "po boy" is a basic terminology for what they know as "eating between bread".

" For us human beings it is most important to know that Lowerline offers delicious and genuine Creole cuisine. It' all cool, from the local oyster at the pub to the whole shrimp bone in the gingerbread dish, and the locals in the galley are near enough to talk from the cafe.

Uotora has two kinds of Uotora people: those who love eating food and all the others. Suzhi enthusiasts will appreciate the fact that you can get a considerable omacase here for $70, and everyone else should be lucky with a combination of Sushi or Sushimi in the beautiful little Crown Heights room.

So, if you enjoy making it up. This is for everyone else just a really good place for eating and drinking in the neighbourhood. It is a mixture of Arabic and American, with some pizza, noodles, a hamburger and some big things like steaks and chickens Milanese. Soon Frenchette will be the place that folks talk about in passing to make an impression on you.

Also, the steaks and canard frits are outstanding. Consider Frenchette in mind both for the amount of nonsense you awareness kind spend a small indefinite quantity medium of exchange on a meal that involves any size substance and possibly day superior group look out for. David is a small place with only a small pub and a few small desks, and you can listen to Leonard Cohen on the loudspeakers while the bartender/cook is telling you about his growth in Hokkaido.

It is the new Hudson Yards eatery from the folks behind Charlie Bird and Pasquale Jones, and, like the other places, the dining is superb, and it's exalted without getting stuck. The Mercerie is a café in front of a high-end furnishing shop in Soho, where crowds line up for the latest street wear, and they have recently begun to serve lunches and dinners.

Most of the menus in France contain salad, crêpes and tartar steaks - and the meals are delicious. Bombay Bar's large wooden stove in the centre is decorated like a tiger's hair, and everyone in the bar can see how the cooks put different kinds of sandwiches in their mouths.

The Bombay Bread Bar (located in the former Paowalla), a new town in Soho, focuses on these Nazans and roti. The place is good for occasional dating and group dining in Soho. A new Sichuan restuarant in Bushwick is General Deb's by the same crowd behind Faro, a small town in Italy.

But, unlike this place, General Deb's is small, poorly illuminated and full of perhaps one extra meal than it should be, as well as humans who share habits in chilli olive oils, marinated veggies and sauerkraut. Things on the meal list are both very good and quite hot (although the wonton could have used a little more chilli oil), so if you are enjoying the gradual burning of Sichuan peppercorns, which sometimes makes your jar of drinking as if it were vibrant, you will like the goodies.

The Whale is the second place to eat (the first is the studio that made it on our hit list), and it's the place to be if you like bustling, good-looking places with great cuisine. It' s hard to get a reservation these days, but there is a second storey lounge where you can sit and relax if you like.

We like the dining here a little more than in the studio, and we are a fan of the room, which is somehow well decorated. The place is run by the folks behind Greenpoint Beer & Ale (a brewery) and North Brooklyn Farms (an municipal farming under the Williamsburg Bridge), all their liquor is made in New York, and most of the groceries come from the farming.

What leads us to the menu: It reaches from vegetable meals to steaks (with many vegetable and seafood meals in the middle) and should make most humans lucky. Most things are clearly considered here - for example the roasted giardiera, which raises the issue of why more folks don't salt and roast the things.

Degustation is a three hours obligation, but it is a good step for a one-of-a-kind meeting point or a funny evening with a large group. Outstanding information will soon reach your mailbox. At the Freehand Hotel's second storey, a full dining room (essentially a colder variant of The Ace), its menus are a mixture of American, Mediterranean and Oriental cuisine.

It' s laid-back, but most folks will wear pretty clothes. The Tokyo Record Bar is just another place to dine, just like a night service coach is just another way to get around the city. Much of the meal itself isn't stunning, though some of it is very good, and at $50 for seven aisles, it seems like a good business.

Make this your new fifth meeting point, or remember, whenever you visit your boyfriends from other cities. The Fausto is an ltalian Ristorante in the Park Slope of some of those who opened L'Artusi. Featuring upgraded editions of classic Italians, the menus are all quite extraordinary.

For example, the ovenchiette with pig meat and vegetables is like a colder, more mature variation of the ovenchiette found in every other place in the city - and that's Fausto in a few words. Do Angie is a new West Village based eatery run by a couple who have been spending quality hours at Quality Italia and other quality eateries called "Italian".

Like The Eddy, the room is smooth and cosy, and the meal is a mixture of L'Artusi-style pasta and plain, rustical dishes that you can find in a place like Vinegar Hill House. We' made our first appearance on the third of Don Angie's life, and even though it's so early in the process, it's quite clear that this place will go well.

The new Claro is a Gowanus-based Mexico based specialty grocery store in Oaxaca. The Cote is a Korea style barbeque serving steak-house style meats in an environment that looks and feel like Soho or the Meatpacking District. There is a large fluorescent billboard and a surrounding lounge with no seating, and the dinning room is much more atmospheric than what you will find at your traditional barbeque.

So if you are the kind of guy who considers the advantages and disadvantages of a trip to a place like Greenpoint for supper, we'll make it simple for you - yes, Chez Ma Aunt is a trip worthwhile. It is a small neighbourhood square in Greenpoint, and for a place so reserved they make unbelievable din.

Join us for a date supper when you are eating things like a barbecued pig collar and an exquisite pecorino lettuce, or for lunch so you can have your pans.

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