New Hotel in Hudson Ny

A new hotel in Hudson Ny

Wick, a tribute portfolio hotel, is a new full-service boutique in Hudson, NY. Cheapest accommodation in Hudson, NY (with prices). The BEST Hotels in North Hudson NY. Locate deals, AAA/Senior/AARP/military discounts and phone numbers for cheap North Hudson New York hotel and motel rooms. Browse our directory of hotels in Hudson, NY and find the lowest rates.

Netherlands - 11 pictures & 12 reviews - Hotels - 41 Cross Street, Hudson, NY - Telephone number

It is a very easy and well arranged hotel. There was actually quite good meal and the contained continent breakfasts were very good. 2nd the cuisine is closed for a few hour between breakfasts and lunches and lunches and dinners. This is due to a one-of-a-kind SPG characteristic from an old spark plug plant dating from 1860.

Well, the personnel, the situation and our breakfasts are great. This is a very respectable, singular hotel to which I will definitely go back. I and my fiancée are getting hitched near Hudson and have been assigned to The Wick as our honeymoon outing. Ever since we learned of The Wick when it was still under building in October 2017, we have been very curious about the view of a new, large hotel in the Hudson area, as there are only two other "large" of them.

So, we went to Hudson to see our salesmen for the marriage and chose to remain at The Wick to see what it was like now that it was open. Unfortunately our expectation was not fulfilled and we consider whether we want to remain for our marriage in The Wick (or our guest recommend).

We had high aspirations as a real estate company that the hotel would match all our other experience with it. (We are Gold Preferred members of the SPG programme). It is therefore quite possible that if the hotel were not a member of the Transcarpathian Hotel Group, our expectation would have been lower from the beginning and the sojourn would have fulfilled these expectation.

But, as a Starwood estate, it didn't live up to those hopes. Problems when making a reservation, as every week-end between March and September is not available on the website. No one who visited the service when we got there, so we had to find the car space and get our own car parks and then go up a mountain with our pockets and back on an busy street with no pavement and many blank stains.

We got to the hotel at 1:00. The hotel is 10 min from the city centre, unlike most other nearby inns. To go from hotel to city, you have to walk up old stairs that were slimy and Icey. The room (which costs $350 in high season) was smaller than the beach resorts in Europe.

Nobody ever mentioned a free continent meal at check-in - we only found that out later. The service was cool and sluggish when we reached the next day through our breakfasts. Any and all, this sojourn was brief of even average and a serious frustration from the expectations we had come in - especially for a Starbwood tenemen.

And the other big frustration is that since October I have been asking the hotel to make us an offer for our trial meal or the after party for the marriage, and they keep saying to me that they will work on it and call me back. I have not yet recieved an offer or any further information from the hotel and we have given up hoping to receive an answer and have made another booking.

We' re ready to give The Wick another try now that we know we need to lower our expectation of this real estate, but this journey has prompted us to seriously consider suggesting other properties for our overnight stays and prioritizing the hotel rooms we have booked in these properties over those we have for The Wick.

Hopefully our next visit (if we can even make one, as there is no week-end available for the next 6 months) is an upgrade and more in line with the standards we know about. u very choosy when it comes to hotel accommodation. Not expecting much from a hotel in Hudson.

The hotel had a pretty good buffet breakfasts! Extremely bad hotel lighting, all in the suits are too light and all on 1 counter, feel like yours at work. This hotel won't suggest it. Total dedication to detail and service was much better than an hotel, VERY DISAPOINTED. There was a 64 degree temperature in our room during the whole sojourn.

I' m sure we were paying $577.00 for a Saturday and Sunday evening break and I'd say it was a WHOLE WASTE of ours. When the room costs $125, but not $276 a nig. The first time we stayed here, they gave away the room we were told. One of the evenings we were reimbursed and asked for a free week-end to make up for her mistakes, which was much valued.

but I think they're still working on the creases of a new hotel. It' very dissappointing, we wanted to like this hotel, because we often come to Hudson. Unfortunately, we do not advise you to stay here. Instead, we suggest Rivertown Lodge. I' ve also been told that it's an unbelievably environmentally friendlier hotel, down to the electrically driven Vallet supergolf car that takes you through this picturesque little city.

It' s a peaceful place and I'd suggest it be. I was here for a marriage last week-end. If you' re going to be there, ask Bobby, he's been very useful all weekends and he' s been helping us solve every problem. I and my friend were at The Wick last week-end and we can say it was the most pleasant time we ever had in a hotel.

On the first overnight stay, the room was roomy, with beautiful lights and a very confortable crib. It is flawlessly tidy and has not given up on aesthetical beauties and detail. On the second evening my sister-in-law and brother-in-law agreed to join us, and without hesitating, they let us transform our room from a king-size room into a room with two queen-size cots at no charge.

Both the hotel bars and the restaurants are very friendly and had great drinks. But we were so happy with our visit and are looking forward to being back in the Wick! The Wick had our hotel room and sample meal / welcome drinks for our basilica Hudson Wedding.

This hotel is brandnew and nice. It' really has a shop feel with all the comforts of a bigger hotel. You have a wonderful function room with a great panoramic vista of the sundown we used for our rehearsal diner and a large courtyard lounge where we will have a welcome beverage for those who were in the city the evening before the marriage.

We had quite good manners with our visitors, but the hotel seemed very optimistic that our group was there, and it was great that our visitors got up quite a bit later and had a good day. We' re fortunate that the candle is open in good season for our marriage! Very recommendable for anyone who marries in Hudson to host an events there.

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