New Hotel Hudson Ny

The new Hudson Ny Hotel

Wick, a tribute portfolio hotel, is a new full-service boutique in Hudson, NY. The Wick, Hudson, A Tribute Portfolio Hotel, Hudson on TripAdvisor: Hudson, le dernier hôtel de New York est exactement ce dont nous avions besoin. Par Lauren DeCarlo. New York, NY. The Hudson Valley Bed and Breakfast is a neighbor of Olana State Historic Site and just minutes from Hudson, New York.

Hudson Hotel | The Wick, Hudson, a tribute portfolio hotel

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The new Hudson Hotel remains faithful to its origins

Newest HUDSON hotel in Hudson sells out on first vacation week. Wick, a 55-room-storetique hotel, opened its doors on December 19 and has been out since. Its name was taken from the 1860s soaps and candles factory. The whole hotel has a laid-back, industrialised look.

30 per cent of the 1861 pristine wooden flooring has been renovated, Lawrence said. It is also full of tributes to Hudson and the Hudson Valley. Hudson's old stations are lining the courtroom wall. Hudson River School artist art canvases appear in every room and suit.

There are several pictures of Hudson River School painter Jane Bloodgood-Abrams hanging in the cloakroom. An attentive observer can see the name of Frederic Church on a register in the hotel door. The hotel boasts a lounge and dining area in the central hall, a spas and gym, a 710 square meter meeting room and a 1,000 square meter roof-deck.

Holders said that the closeness of the hotel on Cross Street - near Amtrak Railway Station, Hudson Basilica and Warren Street neighboring restaurant - is part of the attractions for week-endgoers. It is the idea of Rossi, a New Jersey-born hotel, and his associate John Blackburn, who originated on Canada's western part.

They have since invested in so-called monument protection in and around the capital region, among them in Troy and Albania. On the Wick marked their first Hudson site, but Rossi said that they are considering other sites in the town. Mayor Rick Rector of Hudson said The Wick was a "game changer" and that the new hotel had become a catalyzer for developments in the South Bay.

The Redburn Development bought the Wick site in September 2016, said Rossi. This hotel is just over $10 million in funding from several partner companies that include Pioneer Bank, Prestige Hospitality, Empire State Development Grant and Starwood Hotels. Wick is a tribute portfolio hotel and marks the first hotel in Hudson.

lawrence said the hotel is not looking to compete with neighbouring beds and breakfast and Hotels. At Hudson there are more than 445 rooms between Airbnbs and other near hotels, such as the St. Charles and the Barlow, Lawrence said. It has 25 staff, 13 of whom are full-time, Rossi said.

Eighty two per cent of the personnel was employed within Hudson and surrounding towns and outskirts in Columbia and Greene County, Lawrence said. A lot of the workers are within walk of the hotel, Lawrence said.

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