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Die New Britain Rock Cats waren ein BaseballTeam, das in der Eastern League antrat. New Britain Rock Cats shop for men's equipment in the official online shop of Major League Baseball. **** class="mw-headline" id="History">History< class="mw-editsection-bracket">[edit]>> New Britain Rock Cats est une équipe de base-ball, das in der Eastern L...

. Playing their home matches at New Britain Stadium in New Britain, Connecticut. Before the 2016 seasons, the squad relocated to Dunkin' Donuts Park in Hartford near by and became the Hartford Yard Goats. In 1970 the deductible rate went to Pawtucket, Rhode Island, and stayed in Ocean State for three years.

As the Pawtucket Red Sox became a Triple-A squad in 1973, the Red Sox relocated their Double-A excess to Bristol, Connecticut. Acknowledged as the Bristol Red Sox, the Muzzy Field side performed for ten seasons from 1973 to 1982. From the 1983 campaign, Joe Buzas relocated the squad about ten leagues to New Britain.

Known at the time as New Britain Red Sox, the side used to play their home matches in Beehive Field, which is still next to the game. When Beehive Field became obsolete and new establishments appeared in other towns in the Liga, Buzas was left with the option of remaining in New Britain and constructing a new arena instead of relocating the deductible.

Red Sox Front Headquartered by Dan Duquette backed the plan to move to Springfield, Massachusetts because it was nearer to the fans and the home of Duquette in western Massachusetts. In August 1994, Buzas agreed to keep the New Britain deductible rate. Buzas, who had Salt Lake Buzz (Minnesota triplet A), entered into a new design contract with the Minnesota Twins for the 1995 campaign, which ran until the end of the 2014 series.

Throughout the 1995 campaign (their only Beehive Field season), the squad was known as the Hardware City Rock Cats, a hint to New Britain's nicknamed "The Hardware City". New Britain Stadium, the new baseball field, was opened in 1996. In 1997 the name of the band was renamed "New Britain" Rock Cats. He is also a major supporter of the club and the baseball stadium.

New Britain Rock Cats were introduced in an ESPN's Mayne Street Shortcomedy show EPISOD. You can see an articel about the Rock Cats in an articel about the South Carolina Buzz (the Twins' fictive AAA partner) during a Major League coach scene: The 12001 League Championship was cancelled due to the September 11 events.

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