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Guests of the Newton Arts Center will find parking here. Receive directions, reviews, and information about New Art Center in Newton, Newtonville, MA. Art Room syndicate Autumn courses are HERE! Sign up today for FALFALL courses, workshop and programmes! Discover art this autumn at NAC with adult and children workshop, from September to December.

...... Visit us for Heatwaves 2018 and see a collection of works of art from our teenage season programme. Schools 1-12 years: Sommerprogramm::

Have a look at all our GR 1-12 children's topics on a week to week basis!

Art Center in Newton - 10 pictures - art galleries - 61 Washington Park, Newtonville, MA - Phonenumber

New Art Center promotes the advancement of fine art and fosters a fellowship that values art. New Art Center provides a supporting cultural environment that embraces art and the artist. New Art Centers Curatorial Opportunity Program is highly valued in the New England Royal Art Society. The city of Newton in December 1976 purchased an empty ninethic style sacred house to Newton Cultural Affairs, Inc. to create a center for the fine and dramatic arts.

The Newton Arts Center began to program in 1977. The name Newton Arts Center was renamed New Art Center in Newton in 1994 to remove misunderstandings that the center was intended only for Newtonians; that it was a Newton municipality financed by the town.

This new name is a reflection of an extension of the centre's public beyond the boundaries of the cities to cover the Boston and New England area.

and Newton, MA - New Art Centre

Maintain and restore this historical former 18th c. chapel in Washington Park National Register History District for access, safety and power-efficient use. In 1977, after the facility was used as a communal school and for other education the city of Newton bought it for $1 to a non-profit organisation.

The property is transferred to the city if the property is used for something other than an art centre Financing: Contacts: Full proposals (these long papers can be loaded slowly): from the websites of the department of monument preservation: Newtonville Historic Discover Guide walk (large files, can be loaded slowly):

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