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NBCDFW's meteorological team provides local forecasts and weather updates. New NBC 5's weather app now available! Dallas-Fort Worth's most reliable weather information is now available anytime, anywhere. The NBC 5's Weather Experts app is available for iPhone, iPad and Android and is FREE to use. Hold the radars at your fingerstips and expand your neighbourhood.

Here you will also find the NBC 5 meteorologists' text and videos as well as the weather reports of the NBC 5 weather-teams.

Enable press alerts when you start the app and you know when the weather is getting worse. You can also receive predictions on an hour, day and 10-day basis and can use GPS to locate you and store your preferred places. Get and evaluate the NBC 5 First Alert Weather Radar App today!

NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth on the App Store

NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth app combines you with top stories, sport and weather, headlines, TV shows and detective journalists. It not only keeps me informed about the weather (which is a big advantage for me when I use the app), it also keeps me up to date with all of the latest messages from the area, and it's great to receive alerts during the working days when the messages are interrupted.

I' ve been following their weather forecast for the big S band up-grade! If you try to get the messages and be calm early in the day, the feedback indicators do not work on the spots, which is bothersome. Site This application can use your site even if it is not open, which can shorten your batteries time.

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