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To discuss the state NHLs inside and outside NYC, see the list of NHLs in New York State. The sites are called the "National Historic Landmark" for reasons of consistency. The NYS Canal System has been declared a National Historic Landmark. They can also view the full text and photos of all the websites listed in the National Register in New York State. Part III analyses the New York State Historic.

National Historic Landmarks Program

For nominees for other National Historic Landmarks in New York, please see our page on Searching for Nominees. National Historic Landmarks that have recently been nominees but are not on the above mentioned lists, please refer to our Landmark Committee session pages to view the nominees outlines. It will take a while until the site has been declared a National Historic Landmark.

Several national historical sites are to be found in National Parks entities.

National Historic Landmarks in New York facts for children

See the National Historic Landmarks in New York City alone for the National Historic Landmarks in New York City listing. These are a number of National Historic Landmarks and similar historical sites named by the U.S. Administration in New York State. Under the patronage of the National Park Service, the United States National Historic Landmark (NHL) programme identifies assets, facilities, locations and areas according to a set of nationally relevant standards.

Approximately 262 New York State hospitals have more than 10 per cent of all hospitals in the country and most states. National Park Service has also included 20 National Monuments, National Historic Sites, National Memorials and other sites as historic sites of national importance, 7 of which are also referred to as such.

You will find all these historical sights in this listing. It has 139 New York hinterland hubs, 13 on Long Island and 114 in New York City (NYC). There are three provinces with ten or more NHLs: Manhattan has 86; Westchester County, just off NYC, has 18; and Erie County, just west of New York has 10.

A Twelve other counties have five to nine of the state's 62 counts, eight have three or four, 27 have one or two, and the other twelve have none. New York's first New Yorkers were named on 9 October 1960, the last on 13 March 2013.

NHL' s and other attractions outside of NYC are shown below; the NHL' s in NYC are in this accompanying paper. NHL's seven sites are among the 20 historic areas of the New York State National Park system. While the other 13 National Park service areas are also historic sites of national importance, they are already under federal protection, making NHL expulsion superfluous.

We also provide a listing of these National Park service areas that receive historic sites in New York State. Three former NHL' s in the state are also included.

A full 26 NHL' s are mainly militarily, with 13 fortresses (five fortresses, three strongholds and five ruins), five more battlefields, seven further battlefields, seven further bases of command, educational institutions, armouries and an arsenal and a shipwreckage area. While one of these nels is connected to the American Civil War, all other fortresses and other places of force are connected to the wars of France and India and/or the American Revolutionary War.

Outstanding in the ranking are 24 villas and four locations, which are of particular importance for their architectonic design. In the nine National Historic Landmark Districts of the state there are many thousand objects that make a contribution or not. New York's academic achievements are linked to 22 locations, among them nine campuses, ten other NHL' s associated with invention, inventor or scientist, and four technical symbols, among them two of the longest of their kind.

Among the company's achievements are 11 historic high-rises, five of which were once the highest in the whole wide globe, seven financial markets and other important trading historical monuments, two banking houses, five industry complexes and three hydraulic structures. Achievements in politics and society are presented by four former psychiatric establishments (a bequest of the state' s leadership in the field of psychiatry), 14 sites linked to suffragets or other women' s guides, five subway stations or other sites linked to abolitionists, six sites linked to A. A. guides, three sites linked to labour laws, and four sites linked to other forms of societalism.

There are also 21 houses of other national chiefs and six national level institutions of state. Fellowship, art and recreation encompass two utopic communities, Adirondack Park and four of its Great Camps, as well as five other retreats. They have four clubs, two of which are historic companies, and eight locations or places connected totainers.

There are sixteen other places that are hard to categorize. Renowned archi-tects whose work is present in the state' s non-residential buildings are among them: Aleksandr Jackson Davis (7 locations), Andrew Jackson Downing (2), William West Durant (2), Leopold Eidlitz (2), Cass Gilbert (2), Henry J. Hardenbergh (2), Raymond Hood (3), Philip Hooker (2), Minard Lafever (7), John McComb Jr.

McKim, Mead and White were involved in the planning of at least six structures that were later designated by the NHL. The work of the company, Pennsylvania Station, whose imminent dismantling in 1963 triggered a monument conservation campaign in New York City and in 1965 resulted in the founding of the New York City Landmarks Conservation Commission.

New York State, excluding NYC, is home to 155 of these symbols, which are listed in a table here. Of these, twenty-three are also State Historic Sites (SHS), and fourteen are national park areas; these names are printed in italic. Coordinates are missingThis ferry took detroit & windsor ferry company customers to Bois Blanc Island and is one of the last of its kind.

It was relocated to Buffalo, New York, in September 2015, where it is being planned for a possible move to the Hudson River. Round LakeSaratogaThe nation's oldest three-manual instrument. GoshenThe oldest continuous operation racecourse in the USA (#66000521)BataviaGeneseeMain offices of the Holland Land Company, early owner of Western New York.

One of the most beautiful US homes that unites the architectonic tradition of England and America; one of the few preserved works by Philip Hooker. {66000511} New LebanonColumbiaMain Shaker Fellowship founded in the USA (#66000573)CutchogueSuffolkBuilt in 1649; claims to be "one of the best preserved specimens of British home design in America" (#74001217)AlbanyAlbanyArcheological Districts with artefacts from 6,000 years of mortal life; now a municipal parc.

In New York City alone, there are 114 New York HSLs. It was first named on 9 October 1960, the last on 2 November 2016. Most of the NHL' s in NYC are also protected by the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission, either separately or as part of a district. View the New York sightseeing tour itinerary.

The National Historic Sites, National Historic Parks, National Memorials and some other areas included in the National Park system are historic sites of national importance that were already heavily guarded before the NHL programme was inaugurated in 1960. Of these, 20 are in New York State. National Historic Landmark programme establishment laws do not prohibit them from being nominated, but in reality they are not often referred to as National Historic Landmark programmes per se due to the management cost of their designation and the low conservation value of their designation.

During the first 16 years of the National Historic Landmark Programme, the National Park Service did not consider any areas that were already in the National Park system, and if an area named by the NHL was included in the NPS system, it was even declared. The William Floyd House within the Fire Island National Seashore and Ellis Island within the Statue of Liberty National Monument in New York State have been rated NHL-enabled by the Advisory Board, but not named.

Only in 1977 was a political decision made to name the National Historic Landmark, "whose prime importance is not related to the purposes of the park". NPS is a National Parks Service that is responsible for identifying and listing 18 historical sites within the New York State National Parks entities together with the NHL' s in the state, and there are also two National Historic Sites, which are "affiliated sites" supported but not directly managed by the National Parks Service.

In several cases, seven of the 20 have been designated National Historic Monuments before being awarded the higher conservation status and remain in NHL status. Of these, four are above and three are on the New York NHLs. In New York State, there are four other National Park service areas that have no historical significance.

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