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Weather App

Space Weather App allows the user to display the Sun Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) within a few moments after an incident. Allows the user to display the Sun Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) within a few mins. after an incident. Possible impacts of these sunbursts can also be visualised by access to one of the many weather models that use observation information to predict potentially dangerous outbursts.

"We' re starting with a weather app for the iPhone. Now, Android telephone subscribers can get instant and anywhere wireless internet connection to download the same state-of-the-art information used by experts in the field of astronautics". If you would like more information about Goddard's Place Weather Laboratory, please come and see us:

NASA Space Weather Media Viewer on the App Store

NASA's Near Real-Time Media Viewer provides near-real-time images of a multitude of NASA deployments and includes live videos with celebrity researchers about the causes of outer-space events and NASA-produced visuals. NASA's educational and PR programme developed the NASA Media Viewer. In order to reduce the scope of the applications, videos are now streamsed from NASA's server.

Converted the original touch-down display from a solar picture to a listing of all available pictures. I' ve been using this app on an iPhone 6 for a few month now and I like it because some of the pictures of the sky are high up. All I have to do is to see an empty square in the upper lefts of the window and the application crashed or stopped working, so I have to erase it and redownload it.

You have the scientific and NASA know-how and resources at your disposal. Realtime multi-wavelength pictures of the solar system with the help of satellite imagery circling our planet are spectacular and breathtakingly inspirational! Really a miracle that will provide you with 21th-Century technology and sciences in an easy-to-use app that is available to you for your educational and fun activities.

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