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PLATINUM TOKYO MUSEE The Gardens Mall See Google Map. PLATINUM TOKYO MUSEE | Japan's No. 1 Hair Removal Salon

With MUSEE' s S.S.C. Haarentfernung, there is now a more intelligent way to remain hair-free and beauty. Keeping our rates low thanks to our extensive Japanese branch office chain of 185 stores with over 2.8 million happy clients, no wonder we are Japan's No. 1 depilation parlour. Our only specialty is epilation and we will not urge you to attend other classes such as beauty treatments.

All of our employees are well educated in the operation of our plants and in the respectful treatment of our clients. Introducing your acquaintances Introducing your acquaintances to MUSEE and when they buy a bundle, you and your boyfriend get benefits from MUSEE!

MUSEE | Japan's No.1 Hair Removal Salon MUSEE PLATINUM Tokiyo

We at MUSEE PLATINUM TOKYO, the No. 1 Haarentfernungssalon in Japan, offer our clients safety and aesthetics through our depilation procedures. Bring a glowing inside you through the few sunny nights you have been with our clients. Proffesional care and cosmetic advice. Building and maintaining good customer relations.

To offer outstanding and advanced customer service. The focus is on customer service. ?Subject until current availablility. HoursWorking times from 10:00 to 21:00 (with 1 1/2 hour breaks; lunch 60 minutes, dinner 30 minutes and overnight 30 minutes). ?Subject until current availablility.

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The first hair removal parlour in Japan, MUSEE PLATINUM TOKYO offers more than 2,800,000 content Japanese ladies who have selected MUSEE PLATINUM TOKYO as their favorite one. Thanks to a 207 showrooms and rapid growth throughout Asia, MUSEE PLATINUM TOKYO is hoping to attract the same attention to more girls.

We at MUSEE PLATINUM TOKYO realize that epilation is a very intimate and intimate choice, which is why our advisors pay particular consideration to your needs. PLATINUM TOKYO uses a procedure called smooth-skin control hairdryer which is available at S. S. C. ? S. S. C is treated with our specially formulation gels and the action of rays of sunlight.

S. S. CHRISTIAN C? s. s. christian CPR is more safe, less analgesic and more sustainable.

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