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Receive the latest weather conditions, whether you're on the slopes or on the beach, or just checking the weather forecast for your trip. MSN Weather for you Weather MSN: Check out the latest weather condition, whether you're on the piste or on the shore, or check the weather for a shuttles. Weather - Quick 10-day and Hour Forecasting. Thunderstorm warnings - Alerting you in time helps you to be prepared for storms. Location - Easily follow the weather in the places that matter most to you.

Historic weather - Are you planning a journey? Look at the weather, every day of the week. Meteorological News - View news items, video and slide shows. Livetile - See the weather condition for each town directly on your home page. To view the full prognosis, click or type. Blocking monitor has disappeared in W10!

The weather on the blocking monitor should be exactly as it was in SS8. Would also like translucent tiling - seems to be easy with the weather symbol kit used, so why not? Fifty-six of 61 found that useful. Livetile does not work on large. It is a very useful and good tool for fast weather reports, but some time ago I realized that the Lifetile does not work when you zoom the large one.

Seventeen out of 17 found that useful. Terrific application, thank you for getting the great Kachel Alive patch up and running again. Twenty-six out of 27 found that useful. There is always old information or no information in Live-Tile. Meteorological applications must display weather condition in near-realtime ( or at least at brief intervals) to be useful.

Forty-six out of 50 found it useful. It' a great application, except it still doesn't have the lock-screen feature it had in Windows 8.1. Use back Lock Screens controls by the application to move the detailled information application to something else. Of 46 cats found that useful.

Weather tiles are reseted from my town to Washington DC with every OS patch upgrade, and there is no simple way to do that. Twenty-two out of 23 found that useful. Fourteen out of fourteen found that useful. This has a good user interface and displays all relevant weather information beautifully; however, the WM 10 supports blocking screens.

This shows the weather and then provides one or two sets of weather forecasts for the entire afternoon. Unfortunately, the second block is not wrapped into a new line on the display. You just go to the side of the display and it gets truncated. That means I need to release the telephone to see the weather forcast of the few calendar weeks that misses the point of having it on the locking monitor.

Fifty-six out of 63 found that useful. It was great how the weather application on my castle display under Windows 8 was. Of 106 cited this as helping. 1 asterisk ? for the livecam, which is not updated at all. I' m travelling and I always realize that the last city where I opened the application is shown in the living tile) - 1 Stern ?.

Due to insufficient locking monitor backup. Twenty-six out of 28 found that useful.

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