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All film tickets are only sold at the box office. The Mayfair Theatre in Kingston, NY There will be no demolition of the buildings. This modification would have required a great deal of cement to compensate for the sloping ground. The" Screen" end of the ground was below the groundwater and this end of the edifice was prone to flooding. To alleviate the situation, a swamp spreader was installed, but you can think how annoying it would have been during a show.

Opened in 1966 as a single-picture theater seating 900, it was founded in 1979 as a twin city.

Kingston, NY Movie Show Times & Theatre

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Broadway Theater (Community Theatre)

The Kingston Community Theatre was the most beautifully located theatre between New York City and Buffalo when it opened on June 9, 1927. In the 1910s, opportunist theatre directors realized their money-making potentials - Americans paid for the opportunity to flee their everyday life into the rich glamour of the dramatic, aesthetic and richness of films - and theatres specially designed to show films soon came out in the United States.

Constructed in the Roaring 20', Kingston's Community Theatre is smaller than the huge Movie Palaces in major US towns, but Douglas Hall, the designer, has done everything in his power to beautifully embellish the theatre, and the Community Theatre, which has been created with an elaborately neo-classical theme, creates an extravagant and imaginative atmosphere that reinforces the illusion that has emerged on the theatre's theatre and cinema canvas.

On the inside the theatre is lavishly ornamented, with fluting corinthic pillars and a beam above the scene with sculptured lion-headed, steering head and lavish forms of leaves, eggs and arrows. Though other theatres and operas were operating in Kingston, only the Community Theatre lived through thirty turbulent years brought with it the Great Depression of the 1930', the hardship of the Second World War and the rise of TV.

In the 1950', the Community Theatre was the only theatre in Kingston, a part it did not give up until the 1960' malls were built on the outskirts of Kingston. The Ulster Performing Arts Center, one of only three pre-World War II theatres in the Hudson Valley, acquired the theatre in 1979, bringing large numbers of large theatre productions back to the theatre, and began the renovation of the great old theatre, which is still ongoing today.

Now known as The UPAC, the Community Theater is on 601 Broadway.

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