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The Hackensack UMC Mountainside serves Montclair and its surrounding NJ communities. Receive directions, reports and information for Mountainside Hospital in Montclair, NJ. Mt HUMC mountain side Both Laurie Barbalinardo and Tish Buggeln are two very recognisable faces around the city of Montclair, New Jersey, whether they...

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HackensackUMC and LHP were approved by Merit Health Systems, LLC in May 2012 to apply for the Certificate of Need at the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services for a conveyancing of Mountainside Hospital in Montclair, N.J.. The Mountainside Hospital is a 365-bed joint hospital that also serves as a study centre through its nurses' training and residence programmes in the fields of familial health, inpatient and dental health.

For more than 120 years, the hospital has been serving Montclair, Glen Ridge and the neighbouring towns. The first full year as a member of the Hackensack University Health Network was characterized by many success. Despite a difficult hospital landscape, we have achieved our objective of delivering first-class health care in our comfortable urban area.

Substantial advances have been made in the on-going hospitalization with Hackensack University Hospital, the network's foremost hospital, and we have been able to welcome manyUMC Hackensack experts to our team. The Stroke Center has again been awarded a Gold Award by the American Heart/Stroke Association. Bariatric Center of Excellence confirmed its position among the "best in its class" Germany.

We have a sleep centre that has been approved by the American Academy of Sleep Medicin. Recipient of a special award from the Commission, the Centre further expands its health personnel and offers multi-disciplinary, "complete health services". In the past year, new alternative treatments were added to the portfolio, among them X-ray radiotherapy for treating patients with progressive breast tumors, making HackensackUMC Mountainside the first hospital in New Jersey to provide the highly attractive new type of management, and Y-90, a radiotherapy programme for the management of patients with advanced metastatic hepatoma.

These and other trends have put HackensackUMC Mountainside in a good position to maintain its position as a member of the leading hospital chain in New Jersey and to overcome the operating challenge ahead.

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