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The Mott Community College, Flint, MI. The administration of the Mott Community College wanted to integrate more technology into the courses offered. Find out why if you're looking for a community college in Flint, Michigan ready to meet your needs, your search is over! Discover the reviews, rankings and statistics of Mott Community College. Locate your nearest Mott Community College!

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MCC' s sport clubs are known as the bears. In 2003, 2007, 2008 and 2012 the men's basketball club won the NJCAA División II Basketball Championship series. They were second in 2001, 2004 and 2011. This is Clarence Johnson (Clarence Leonard "Kelly" Johnson), an aviation engineering and aviation innovation company that organizes the Lockheed Skunk Works novel.

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The Mott Community College - Flintstone, Michigan

It is my first visit to Mott Community College and I have had a horrible one. Let's begin with funding. First, there is no number you can call, there is no perso....n You can send an e-mail to ask special queries about your funding. In order to get help, I had to quit work prematurely because they didn't get "my papers" or didn't keep my information in my hand.

Failing to update my information in my rucksack would not be a problem if I had a number I could call, but I cannot. All I can do is talk to a call centre agent and he'll look at your rucksack, which I can do myself. It' good that Google Maps has designed every single house.

As it is 90 degree outside, I couldn't help but noticed that the class rooms or the buildings generally don't have A/C. Next, our instructor goes on sick leave on the spur of the moment. We now have a replacement for the remainder of the term, which is highly confusing where we are and what we should do next, and he will have to go on holiday soon.

Also, the classes are bewildered and disappointed. I' m very upset about this place.

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