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Day Trips to Moscow

Moscow Top Day Trips & Excursions. One day trip to St. Petersburg from Moscow by train. A day trip to Suzdal and Vladimir from Moscow. Gold Ring and Trinity Lavra Private Day Tour from Moscow.

Gold Ring day trip to Suzdal and Vladimir from Moscow.

Moskow Top 10 Day Tours & Excursions (w/prices)

Use the opportunity to visit the European City of Culture of Russia during this one-day journey from Moscow. Take a high-speed railway to St. Petersburg that will take you..... See Moscow from a different angle on this 3-hour cruise through this wonderful city. Find out more about Moscow's past -- from the twelfth century onwards.

Day excursion to the most beautifull towns of the Golden Ring of Russia - Vladimir and Suzdal. You' ll dive into medieval Russia and the landscape..... Perhaps you don't know that there is a big distinction between Moscow, St. Petersburg and all of Russia. It' not always hard to get an understanding of Moscow.....

When you are looking for a unique and lifelong adventure, a full day excursion to Vladimir, an old city of the Golden Ring of Russia, is just right for you. A visit to the country is an occasion to discover the true Russia and the shared lifestyles of everyday world. Name in Evgenia (or Jane), I was borne in Moscow and lived here most of my time, studied at Moscow State University.

7 best day trips from Moscow

Here is a short listing of some of the most interesting places to visit, all just a few of them. It only takes you one of the most beautiful properties near Moscow. As one of the best conserved mansions in the Moscow area, it organizes various musical performances on a regular basis, among them the Usadba Jazz Festival.

Cultural Trip has already recounted Moscow's best places to revive Russia's Russian past, so here's another place for your Russia-Russia listing. Like the mausoleum, Gorky Leninskie is another'holy' place related to the Russian revolutionist Vladimir Lenin. You can walk past several Lenin sculptures and memorials from the time of the Soviets, see the building where Lenin used to live and discover the three museums:

The Lenin Museum, Lenin's Kremlin Cabinet Museum and the Peasant Museum. So if you are going on a day excursion, you should take a stroll along Europe's longest rivers, the Volga, and see the Monastery of the Transfiguration from the eleventh cent.

You' ll also find an amazing iconarium at Governor's House Museum and the largest in the world at the Music and Time Museum. Sergiev Posad is the only town in the Moscow area located on the Golden Ring of Antiquities and is regarded as the centre of Russian Orthodoxy.

There are also several remarkable musees in the small town: the Konniy Dvor toy and farmers museuseuses. There is Lake Nero, one of the best conserved Kremlins, convents and old church, along with exceptional restaurants such as Lukova Sloboda, which is also a regional bulb farmhouse.

To buy memorabilia, visit the Museum of Crystal and Lacquer Miniatures and the Gingerbread Museum. In the Open-Law Museum of Wooden Architecture and Farm Life you can discover old country homes that have been taken to Suzdal from all over the area. If you want to shop for a gift, go to Torgovaya ploshchad (market place), where you can buy fruits, fungi, honey as well as gifts.

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