Morton's White Plains Restaurant Week Menu

The Morton' s White Plains Restaurant Weekly Menu

There are seafood, chicken, chops and gluten-sensitive options. It' a popular nightclub. Check out the menu and reviews for Morton's The Steakhouse in White Plains, as well as the most popular articles and reviews.

Menu was the same as last year during the restaurant week. Morton' s has many professionals, as the food can certainly be an unforgettable meal.

Morton' s The Steakhouse - White Plains Restaurant - White Plains, NY

At these rates, the services should be extraordinary. It was an adult outfit. I had a good run and the meal was tasty. Oh, we used to love the steak. It was tasty. We' re having a nice luncheon at Morton's to mark our centenary. A small group of people, our menu with our name and a "Happy Anniversary" salute at the top.

Anyway, we were enjoying the dinner, and after the other side had gone, the sound levels decreased noticeably. Dinner was very average. Delicious cuisine, crisp shellfish and a nice cook. A great delicacy. Extraordinary services! As in most places it seems as if they handle the post-dinner tea as a seperate course, which is usually serving in front of the deserts and then not often enough used.

So we ordered dessert and espresso at the same moment and of course the espresso came out first (for us in seemingly demi-cups). And then came the deserts (in this case hot fudge cake). And when the dessert came, our mugs ran empty. It was so full of sweetness that he needed the cup of caffeine.

Throughout this period we took small, timid snacks from the pie, which waited for more caffeine. It is not our servers but a general practise / philosphy that tea is a limited resource that should be spent economically. Big familie that spends a lot of money with your kids and grandchildren.

It was a terrible shakedown. THAT MURDERER SAW ME FOR THE LAST OF IT. IT''S NOT THE FIRST WE' VE HAD PROBLEMS WITH THIS MORTON IN THE PAST. FOR ONCE SHAMEFULLY ABOUT YOU. TWO SHAMEFUL OF ME. 3. TIMES IM JUST ASKING FOR IT. Some other things have not made this the best thing, but the meal is very good!

She told us about various promotions, knew her menu and made great proposals. Beautiful surroundings and good meals! I' had a great quality holiday with my wife and daughter. We had a great dinner and a great dinner and a great team! I took my whole team (! 8 people) to Mortons for Mother's Day! That dinner was tasty! In addition, my mom, who is living on Long Island, accidentally dumped her chequebook at the restaurant.

Thanks Mortons for a beautiful Mother's Day and for the care of such a nice wand! Used to be a BLT STEK enthusiast, but from my experiences at Mortons I am now your faithful client! We' re often having dinner at Morton's. We' ve chosen to have my husband's anniversary there. However, the remainder of the dinner was delectable.

As always, the services were awesome. Beverages are great. There is a menu and a photo to take away for your family. We' re at Morton's to commemorate a happy year. I' d strongly advise it and will certainly be back again. That meal was totally tasty! Nutrition, unlike being excessively expensive was just that of a mediocre steakhouse.

I' ve got to say, the services were outstanding. and you can't even start comparing the two mortsons. Good customer care. Out of the box. Outstanding everywhere! Every single pence for you! On Easter Sunday I was with my two nurses at Morton's steak house in White Plains, New York.

It was a great meal and the personnel was very cute. Walked at Morton's White Plains during restaurant week. You had a diversified choice in the menu. Like with Morton, the meals and services were very good. I' d never thought I'd go to a steak house often, but the services, meals and ambience are holding me back.

It' s hard to find good services in Westchester Restaurant, so I really appreciate what W.P. Morton's has to offer. Menu was the same as last year during the restaurant week. The steaks and the deserts were very good. I' d definitely be returning any other season of the year and recommending Morton's to others.

We' dined at the restaurant week and had an inconspicuous supper. Also the spice on the lettuce reached from excellently to far underspiced. Onions were tasty and the sweets were good to good. All in all, we thought the constancy of our products was everywhere. If the pretext is that it was Restaurant Week and you can't ask for too much, then I suggest that Morton's doesn't go along with it if they can't keep the whole thing in line.

It would be recommended if the supper choices are consistent with what a steakhouse provides. It was very good and polite. Not so much now. Took for the three-course menu of the restaurant week. Two ceaasars, one Morton's lettuce, three fillets (two of us had the $10 surcharge for an 8 oz instead of 6 oz steak), one key-lime cake, two mousses of candy.

Well, the cuisine is fine, but the serving is too small for supper. Services are good at this standard of the restaurant. It was a great shock to see "Happy Birthday Phil" on the menu. I was expecting our lunch from Morton's. It was a very nice and personalised menu.

Most of the meals were very good (side orders and starters!). Tenderloin was excellent, but the other meat (NY strips) was not of high qualitiy.

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