Morton's Steakhouse White Plains Restaurant Week Menu

Steakhouse White Plains Restaurant Weekly Menu

" The air conditioning was rocking, so the restaurant was empty. The first time at Morton's for Restaurant Week. In this Chicago-born steakhouse, everything revolves around the old, first-class beef served in elegance. Garlic herb butter or Fra Diavolo white wine. Go see if this restaurant gives you anything.

Morton' s Steakhouse Restaurant Week!

As we all know, Restaurant Week is a great opportunity for the consumer to eat in places they normally cannot visit. I' ve tried it this week and couldn't help myself to the beautiful Restaurant Week Pack in Morton's Steakhouse! Well, Morton's is one of my steakhouse seats in NYC, because every single day I get there I have the ultimative event, so it was no wonder that this was my decision.

Morton' s uses the old-fashioned steak house to create an exalted ambience, but with a very relaxing ambience. Three-course menu of the restaurant week for $38.00! Your possibilities are great, because your customers can select any lettuce on the menu or their five onion soup. Perfect cooking and half cooking, that was exactly what I was expecting and received from Morton's.

As part of the 3-course menu, I was served the Key Lime Pie for desert. In addition to the great dining event, the Morton' s personnel is the unique flavor. Matt, our operator, was a dummy and gave me enough of my vinecard. I' ve been lucky enough to see one of the sommeliers who is also the skipper, Sean Cunningham, who has worked for Morton's for many years and has actually been helping to open the Morton's in the World Trade Centers!

During his studies in Hawaii he began working at Morton's and is now a sommelier in NYC. He is a charismatic man and very well versed when it comes to Morton's and win. Luckily I got a personal trip from Sean himself and could see the restaurant's!

Have a look at them this week for the restaurant week that lasts until August 16. There' s still some innocent people! When you don't make it to the Restaurant Week deal, Morton's has a great menu in general and a funny bar-bite menu to try out for a lucky hour full or long evening morsel.

Sommelier, private chef and gastronomy expert in NYC! She is a wine author, wine ambassador and wine advisor, specialising in mating, partying, entertainment and schooling.

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