Montgomery place Hudson Valley

Town of Montgomery Hudson Valley

It overlooks the Hudson River and is a picturesque place for a wedding. The Historic Hudson Valley is a non-profit organization. alea and her husband Doug grow everything that Montgomery Place Orchards is. The Hudson Valley NY. Home culture in the Hudson Valley".

The Montgomery Place at Bard College | Historical Site

The Montgomery Place was constructed in 1804 by Janet Livingston Montgomery, widowed of Richard Montgomery, the first general officier to die in the Revolutionary War. During the 1840s (and again in the 1860s) Alexander Jackson Davis rebuilt the building and transformed the Bundeshaus into a classic revival building by building verandas, urns and single-storey grand pianos.

Andrew Jackson Downing also recommended altering the 434-acre site, creating an Arboretum, creating beautiful paths and coach paths, and building pavilions and country-style seating to view the mountain, the stream and a near-by cascade. A number of shaped yards were created in the twentieth Century.

The paths and the garden have been renovated and the area is available for a walk, a walk or a barbecue.

Montgomery Place and nature

Accompany Professor Bruce Robertson for a stroll on the premises of Montgomery Place. 2 pm we will gather at Montgomery Place Manor for a concerto of works by John Cage, John Luther Adams and Toru Takemitsu, which will be played by Bard College undergraduates.

Welcome after the show. Guided house visits also take place at 10:30, 11:30, 1:30 and 2:30.

Montgomery Place bought by Bard

On Tuesday, Bard College declared the acquisition of Montgomery Place, a national historic landmark, an agricultural holding and a touristic city. and cycling lanes to the ownership. Bard's Annandale College borders Montgomery Place, a 380 acre plot that comprises a villa, garden, orchard, farm and hiking tracks.

The Montgomery Place, constructed in the early nineteenth centuary, stretches from the River Road to the Hudson River. The Montgomery Place, which belongs to Westchester-based Hudson Valley, will be Bard's classroom. The president of Bard College, Leon Botstein, said in a declaration that the college "has every intent to respect the importance of the estate in relation to monument conservation, community amenities and agriculture".

The Montgomery Place receives the visitor on its premises and offers guided visits to the villa. An spokesperson for Historic Hudson Valley said the organisation is marketing Montgomery space to concentrate on its bottom in Westchester County, where it is concerned with five sites, four of which it possesses. It trains more than 20,000 students each year and attracts more than a quarter of a million people to its websites and activities.

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