Mohonk Mountain Hiking

The Mohonk Mountain Hiking

It' a mountain, so you will be rewarded with exceptional views of the surroundings. This hike began directly at the Mohonk Berghaus. Pass Hiking Trail | Day Visitors If you are looking for the challenges of walking on sharp paths over rocks and rocks or if you want to take a leisurely walk on horse-drawn coach tracks, you will find your way on the Mohonk Mountain House grounds. In order to get ready for the hiking tour, we suggest you take a snack, a bottle of fresh running rinse and a head lamp.

We recommend that you come early in the morning as our car park can fill up quickly on Saturdays, public holiday and especially in autumn! A hiking passport does not provide entry to the Berghaus. In order to get to the mountain lodge, we would like to ask you to meet us for a meal or cure (reservation required).

The hike starts and ends at the car park at the gatehouse, and we are a perform in, perform out institution. Walking is allowed at sunlight between twilight and night. Hiking passes do not provide entry to the inside of the building or to the seaside resort. For your hiking days, please take your own meals and drinking wells.

It is not possible to eat for walkers. Passports are not available in prepay.

4 of our favourite walks with the most stunning vistas.

The Mohonk Mountain House is known for having some of the best and most varied hiking in New York. Relax in the many summer houses along the paths to take a deep breath and enjoy the view. When you are here for just one walk, you must go to the legendary Sky Top Tower, which can be seen from several kilometres away.

Light to medium: It goes upward with magnificent view and lasts about 20 min. Easily: For a slow climb, take the 45-minute trek along Sky Top Road. Exhausting: The labyrinth climbing ends in a small gap with a ladder. This is an easier and more profitable trek! Copes Lookout, one of the most beautiful vistas of the estate, is only 20 walking min. away from the main entry.

Use the stairs down to the garden house shown above and enjoy an even more beautiful look directly from the crag. This is an effortless walk with a wonderful panoramic sight! This is a path with gentle ascents that leads back to the mountain lodge for a 40-minute walk. Some of the special attractions are a spectacular panoramic look at the Sky Top Tower, Lake Mohonk and a side elevation of the Mountain House, where you can see it rising directly out of the rock face.

This is a demanding walk to an unforgettable view. Mohonk Preserve is a 90-minute walk from the mountain house to the foot of the boar. It will take about 30 min. to reach the top, but it is upright. The view from above is amazing - you can see a wide view over the whole area.

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