Modern Lighting

Contemporary lighting

Oversized, modern lights and lighting collections with ceiling lights, table and floor lamps with a mid-century touch. This pendant luminaire offers unique lighting. If you are looking for a table lamp or the perfect floor lamp, take a look at all our modern lighting solutions from the middle of the century for every room of your house or office. Store our range of ceiling lights & lights.

Select from our industrial, modern and Scandi designs.

Contemporary lighting systems Three-dimensional lighting systems Modern lighting systems Three-dimensional lighting systems Three-dimensional lighting systems

We' re working with you to develop a lighting concept that meets and exceeds your requirements. Our product portfolio includes a broad spectrum of lighting systems and can cover almost any use. Our comprehensive assortment of outside lights creates the right ambiance for your outdoors. For safety or just to illuminate large areas, floods are the best choice and we are offering very powerful LEDs that are an extremely powerful and power saving spot.

Usually used to illuminate sidewalks and sidewalks, our product line comprises several variants, among them the well-loved Rusty line, which provides high-quality fixtures with an exceptionally rusty look, giving your gardens a modern, yet naturally styled outfit. Flush-mounted outdoor luminaires can be used both in canopies or under the underside of roofs and in bath/shower rooms, as they have IP65 protection.

Available as uplighter, up/down lighter or spotlight, they allow you to clean outside partitions, illuminate entranceways and highlight any area. Specialized in rail lighting solutions that offer a planning and non-binding quote services. There is a wide selection of spots, from the GU10 base luminaire to the 3000 lumens strong LEDs.

Offering light-emitting diode strips from a subtile 4. 8 W per meter up to high power 28. There is also a wide selection of aluminum profiles available for installation of adhesive tapes, wall mount, installation and suspension with a selection of diffusers. Ideally suitable for stock keeping purposes, it is available in either LEDs or metallic halides and retains a basic look that is well-purpose.

Today, the most sought-after lighting fixture thanks to its highly energy-efficient properties, which offer stunning lighting performance and several optional dimmers. Some can be used with a stand-alone luminaire, while others have the integrated in it.

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