Miramonte Resort and Spa

The Miramonte Resort and Spa

Miramonte shines as a unique Palm Springs Resort and Hotel with a luxurious spa, restaurants, golf and more in an intimate, elegant setting. However, Miramonte Resort & Spa is not one of these places. Miramonte Indian Wells Resort & Spa is located east of Palm Desert, California, in Indian Wells and offers opportunities for relaxation. The Miramonte Indian Wells Resort & Spa in Palm Springs (and surrounding area), California, United States of America: Enjoy a unique desert oasis at the luxurious Miramonte Indian Wells Resort.

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Miramonte Indian Wells Resort & Spa offers roomy accommodation, immaculate facilities, the unrivalled Well Spa, world-class tennis and gulf and breathtaking view of the Santa Rosa Mountains. One crispy lettuce by the pool for dinner - from the Coachella Valley farm. Cultivate your family's passion for the countryside, with breathtaking attractions, light walks and a trip to the wildlife area.

Explore the footpaths and viewpoints of the Coachella Valley and the Santa Rosa Mountains. From the Coachella Valley, we offer the best beer. Climb, gleam and extend with the mythical Indian Wells courses.

Miramonte fountain bath

Landscape vistas and the hot desertsun are just the beginning of the Well Spa adventure. The Well Spa, like the surrounding lemon tree, is truly uplifting. Tailor-made treatment, carried out by qualified specialists in the field of the human organism and dermis, will put you in a state of complete regeneration.

Nine rooms inside and three outside rest rooms reflect the tranquillity of the palm desert with sleek stones and gentle surfaces. Soak in the warm and cold water, enjoy the eucalyptus-enriched baths and a relaxing lounging area, as well as the range of produce and offers enriched with lemon fruits. Citruses, which are acclaimed for their skin-protecting qualities, are as calming for the mind as they are tapering and curative for the human being.

Well Spa finds inspirations in this essential oil to help creating facials, skins, massages and manicures that energise both mind and mind. Fragrances of lemon fragrance combined with the mind of the ocean to bring peace and quiet to Indian Wells.

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