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Mid-Hudson Valley Division of Westchester Medical Ctr. Clinic Midhudson Regional Hospital - 12 reviews - Medical Centers - 241 North Rd, Poughkeepsie, NY - telephone number

Psychiatric ambulance displays the complete insurance numbers on the printout. That'?s a safety hazard for the patient. This is the date of identification fraud, and this hospital threatens the private lives of its people. That has to be rectified for all of our clients, not just for those who do.

As they asked if they wanted to leave the sister, she said she would slay her. Unless you're crazy, you will be if they choose to free you. It is a horrible place and a glowing example of how badly mentally ill people are still being cured.

The physician redirects the patient to this facility based on a prejudice idea. When you have money for an outpatient operation, they sent you to Vasser Hospital. I' m typing from my sick room. Seriously, no kidding, a man can just get killed here. The drugs are always too slow, the services are not available.

Well, since I have relied on my patients' right to a secure release, they have almost left me, the nursing staff and the physicians in the lurch. When you want to be paid to be ignored, maltreated, tyrannized and misused, Mid Hudson is the right place to come (this used to be St. Francisco Hospital). It' by far the most horrible hospital I've ever been to.

Don't really wait for real nursing in the ER. Walked here with severe diarrhea for over a week, asked the TRIAG nurse if I had to let a bowel test she said yes, gave me a bowl, I was able to give them a little. For over anhour without cover the footstool was sitting in my room before anyone could get started, someone could at last put it in a mug and then sit on my bar for another 2h.

During this period, while the specimen was sitting on my bar, I went 4 more visits before the diarrhoea and asked the doctor if she needed more specimen, and they called. Wait in the ER room for over an hr before I was seen by any personnel another hr before a PA came in and another hr before Nurses came back in the room to give me the zipfran ordered as I was upright.

The only reason the personnel came into the room was because the one I had with me had to go to the nurse's office and generally tow them in. One man and one woman came in at 6:34 and the nursing woman comes to my woman and says: "I'll be with you in a minute" and picks up the other two.

This used to be the place to come to in an emergencies. and was a chaos. With this hospital undergoing change, it's terrible. Don't come here, go to Vasser. E.R. is starting to work with people who pretend to loathe their jobs and don't want to get involved with you.

I' m conscious that being a registered nurse is difficult. I' ve been here four of the last two month and the same nursing and technical staff have taken good charge of my people. Next year we' re going to Vasser's. Hopefully, when they're done with their inner troubles, they'll be back in the hospital that I know and like.

Nursing, which you receive once in the hospital, is a large part of the cure. Wait 2 hours after asking three of the three nursing staff for a jug of clean laundry and swill. It was like a destructive team of disorganized and nursing staff who hated their work. I saw you every single stroll to the switch, but if I don't look at you, maybe he'll ask someone else.

Asking several nursing people for little, easy things and nothing happening. These personnel and the nursing services are much scarier than those of a hospital in the Third Worl. but hey, I promise that when the bill comes, the meals and maintenance will be on the first floor. On several occasions I have tried to get them to rectify a code mistake and charge the insurer for the same.

I' ve talked to the same guy every single occasion and had to try to understand the whole thing. All the different clerks I've talked to have a very cheeky approach - they don't want to help you at all. I' ve just had a robot operation and was very happy with the hospital service.

Each employee I dealt with was supportive and courteous. Any nurse or technician couldn't be kinder and more alert to my needs.

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