Mid Hudson Valley Credit Union

The Mid Hudson Valley Credit Union

BRIDGETWAY Federal Credit Union becomes part of the Mid-Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union the Mid-Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union. The two banks' web sites say the officers are awaiting the National Credit Union Administration's clearance for the deal. Headquartered in Poughkeepsie, Bridgeway has office space in Fishkill and LaGrange. The Mid-Hudson Valley is headquartered in Kingston with operations in Red Hook, Rhinebeck and Poughkeepsie.

Bridgeway member on January 11 agreed to the fusion, according to www.bridgewayfcu.org. Bridgway on Monday directed queries to Mid-Hudson Valley that did not give back two news from the Journal. The news on www.bridgewayfcu.org reads: "In the next few month Bridgeway and Mid-Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union will publish information on the combination of the two bankers.

In the near futures you will be able to use Mid-Hudson Valley branches...." Established in 1935 as the N.Y.S. Dept. of public work district 8 Employees Credit Union, Bridgeway was used by staff in the fields of transport and work. The IBM Kingston Employees Federal Credit Union was established in 1963. The name was renamed Mid-Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union in 1993.

MIDI-HUDSON VALLEY Credit Union Reviews and Ratings Agency

It is important to assess the bank's ability to finance itself. As a stronghold against loss, it provides members with shelter when a credit union experiences commercial fragility. If it is about security and solidity, more money is better. The MID-HUDSON VALLEY scored 8 out of 30 possible points in our test to assess the appropriateness of a credit union's equity and did not achieve the 15.65 nationwide averages.

The MID-HUDSON VALLEY seems to be less well equipped for economic difficulties than its colleagues in this area, with a capitalisation rate of 8.00 per cent in our test, less than the mean of all credit cooperatives. A large number of such funds may make it necessary for a credit union to use funds to offset any loss, thereby reducing its own funds cushion.

Much of these are not expected to be in an accrued condition and thus not to generate interest for the cooperative, which reduces income and increases the risks of default in the near-term. MID HUDSON VALLEY's relationship of troubled asset values was 0. 00 per cent in our test, lower than the statewide mean and implying higher monetary power in comparison to other credit cooperatives.

The viability of a credit cooperative affects its security and solidity. Profits can be withheld by the cooperative by raising its cushion of funds or used to manage problematic credits, which is likely to make the cooperative more robust in a time of crisis. However, loss reduces the credit cooperative's capacity to do these things.

An indication that the credit cooperative surpasses its peers in this area was its income rate of 0. 00 per cent in our test, higher than the mean for all credit cooperatives. HARMONICS: WHAT IS SAFE & HEALTHY? Information collected about banking, credit cooperatives and thriftiness is kept up to date in accordance with the Safe & Sound Ratings and Reports User Agreement.

Safe & Sound Ratings information is grouped by category of bank, savings bank and credit union. The" NR" is not an indicator of pecuniary power or vulnerability. Safe & Sound evaluation is considered accurate, but the information is not warranted. Furthermore, since the information was gathered, it is possible that changes have occurred in the Institute's finances.

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