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Newcastle Mid Hudson Restaurant Week

Hudzon Valley Restaurant Week supports local farm to table movement stimulates local business jobs career. Discover Restaurant Week, Hudson Valley and more! We have enough parking spaces every day of the week. A modern American restaurant in Rhinebeck, NY, in a restored Dutch town house. It was clean and beautifully decorated.

We' re looking forward to participating in Hudson Valley Restaurant Week!

We' re looking forward to participating in Hudson Valley Restaurant Week! We' re pleased to be part of over 200 mid- and lower Hudson Valley dining establishments that offer three course cuisine. We' re proud of our Farm-to-Table meal and would like to welcome you to make your bookings by phone at 845.568.0100 or click here to make them now.

We have a restaurant week meal available:

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week starts soon - The Accidental Foodie - March 2011

In 1992, Tim Zagat (of Survey Glory) and Joe Baum (of renowned Restaurant Glory) developed the concept for New York City Restaurant Week. Fifteen thousand journalists raved to the city to report on the Democratic National Convention, and Zagat and Baum imagined that if restaurants were to offer bargains, they would make a cheerful punk out of a group that could otherwise meet the next Burger King.

It' s likely to lose out, but it would bring long-term advantages to the city's gastronomy. Some years ago Janet Crawshaw, editor of the Valley Table, organised a restaurant week for the Hudson Valley, the first (and perhaps only) local action - the advertising slogan is "114 Miles of Food".

Last year's cooks estimate that they cooked more than 150,000 dishes during the week - an amazing amount. For us this year is the fifth restaurant week with even more restaurants participating: 70+ in the Hudson Valley, and another 80 or so in Westchester if you fancy a ride.

The" week" will run from 14 to 27 March - 14 nights and 28 lunches if you work properly. It is a great opportunity to try a restaurant that you normally can't or don't try - and we all merit a tidbit after this long, terrible year.

Book as soon as possible - the commercials are quick, especially at the poshers. There are many places that don't serve the Saturday night bargain, and some don't on Friday night. Last year's places I had lunch were full and the atmosphere was cheerful - everyone was talking about what other places we had tried.

For the full listing of participant dining venues, click here. I would like to know about your experience, especially if you go to one of the newer places, or to one in a distant part of the valley, which I don't reach often. I' ve only been eating mid-Hudson commercials, but I'm eager for The Greens in Copake; Bistro Lilly in Goshen; and Rick's Club American, Two Spear Street, and Confetti down in Rockland County, which seems to put a bunch of good places in a small piece of town.

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