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" Sights in Michigan: Are you looking for the things you can do in South Michigan? Well, go to Southwestern Michigan! There are fun area attractions and exciting things to do in the Grand Haven, Holland, Muskegon, Saugatuck and West Michigan areas. The Grand Haven Area attractions are ideal for all ages and interests, including lighthouses, beach promenades, music fountains and much more!

Sixteen Unique Places and Uncommon Things in Michigan

There are a number of unparalleled and record-breaking attractions in Michigan that you won't find anywhere else, from the world's biggest Christmas platter to the world's biggest Christmas season. Home to the world's greatest visitors to horses and buggies, Mackinac Iceland Caribbean Tours in Mackinac Iceland offers a one-hour 45-minute historical and scenic coach ride through the beautiful scenery of the archipelago.

The Superior Cathedral in Marquette, the largest wooden cathedral in the world. The cupola has a lawn that can be lowered, three sports fields, five football fields, five football fields, five football fields, five football fields, five football fields, five football fields. The Pine Mountain ski jump in Iron Mountain, the largest artificial ski jump in the USA, was constructed in the early 1930's and set the US course run course speed limit of 459 ft by 140 metres.

The world' s biggest weather vane in Montague This working weather vane, constructed by staff at the WHITHALL plant in Montague, is 48 ft high with a 26 ft long dart. The Erebus Hunted Attraction in Pontiac, the world' s biggest ghost town in Pontiac, is a four-story ghost town that was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's biggest ghost town in 2005.

Baker's Keyboard Lounge in Detroit, World's Oldest Jazz Club If you like classical music, great ambience or just want to dive into the story, Baker's Keyboard Lounge, the "World's Oldest Jazz Club ", is an adventure you shouldn't miss. The Dawson & Steven's Classic 50's Diner in Grayling, Michigan's biggest privately owned collector of Coca-Cola memories in Michigan The Bottle-Cap Museum is the biggest privately owned collector of Coca-Cola articles in northern Michigan.

A dubbed representation of light and sea at the harbour provided the beginning of Memorial Day through Labor Day at night. The world' s biggest cherry cake pan in Traverse City Near Traverse City, at the Sara Lee Bakery Group, is the world' s biggest cherry cake pan.

It was made for the biggest cherry cake in the whole wide range at that period (1987-1992). As you enrol here at Damnation University, you'll see some world-class haunting events. The antlers are a special eating event in the north of Michigan. Dundee Outlet, the world's biggest jerk outlet The outlet is one of the biggest jerkys in the wide range - jerk, turkeys, moose, deer, buffaloes, alligators, jerky....even kangaroos!

Bronner's CHRISTmas Wonderland in Frankenmuth, the world's biggest Christmas shop The world's biggest Christmas shop with over 90,000 m² of new shopping space! Marquette, the world's biggest floating cooper plating The biggest floating cooper plating in the whole wide open space is in Presque Isle Park. She' s the biggest in the whole wide underworld.

The inhabitants of Marquette are working to keep this piece of brass in Marquette in a place that can be seen by visitors and people.

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