Miami one Day Trip

Day Trip to Miami

Free Miami Beach Botanical Garden Bicycle and Roller Rental OR Duck Tours South Beach. We have the hyper-real Miami of Miami Vice, alligator attacks and Elián González. This collective madness just happens to sit on a great piece of land. Explore Miami including shopping in the Bayside Area, explore the Art Deco District and South Beach or enjoy an optional Star Island boat trip. Stop off on your Orlando adventure with a visit to the vibrant city of Miami.

A day in Miami Itinerary

Miami with little to discover? We' ve put together a practical guidebook to help you get the most out of your one-day stay in Miami, packed with top class amenities, free activity and even cuisine. Spend more in Miami? Use the 3-Choice Miami & The Keys Explorer Pass to see all these rides and avoid the combination entrance fee at the gates.

Keep in mind that this one-day trip is just one of many ways to explore Miami, there are so many things to do and do in Miami. Dependent on which attraction you select, you can cut costs by up to 40%! The passport gives you the freedom to design your own route so you can select from a dozen of top tourist destinations and customise your holiday to suit your interests.

Take a look at our Florida Keys Travel Trip route for your holiday extension idea! The open double-decker busses provide convenient seats (and a great way to work on your tan) and make sure you can see the rides from a great viewpoint. There are two different itineraries ( "beach loop" and "city loop") to help you discover thrilling rides.

On the promenade are the main railway station, the Perez and Frost Museum, the Bass Museum, the Riviera and much more. Coconut Grove, Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, Little Havana and Downtown Miami are some of the stations on the itinerary. Chop-on hop-off sight-seeing is a great way to get to know the town and to sights.

The routes do, however, take a certain itinerary and timetable, and drivers such as rain or heavy rain can extend the length of the journey between stops, so you can be sure that you are planning accordingly when you book it. The Big Bus Miami 1-Day All-Loops Tour is available as an attractive feature of the Miami & The Keys Explorer Pass.

Begin your day with a trip to one of the most beautiful sights in Miami - the Miami Seaquarium. Looking at the downtown Miami downtown is one of the jewels you' ll need to take your camcorder with you for a funny touristic snap!

It is recommended to reserve between 3-4 hrs to visit the Seaquarium, especially if you want to visit one of their shows. The Miami Seaquarium ticket is available as an incentive on the Miami & The Keys Explorer Pass. Situated in the center of Miami Beach, this little haven is 2. 6 acres of gardens that is well deserving of half an hr or so of your leisurely pace.

The Miami Beach Botanical Gardens is home to various sub-tropical species from all over the world, weird palm trees and indigenous florida species and is the ideal small patch of the outback. You also often provide thematic visits (for a small donation), so if you want to travel in a group or stay more hours here, you should consider this possibility.

Entrance to the Miami Beach Botanical Garden is free. And Miami is such a nice town. In Miami, always in the midst of the sea's pristine splendour, with its distinctive art deco façades, there is always a wonderful view on the skyline. Why not rent a bicycle from Bicycle and Roll and discover nature?

It' a simple and entertaining way to move around South Strand - especially near the shores - and is even a treacherous way to get some activity on holiday. Everybody will enjoy the possibility to cycle along the shore. Because if you only have one day in Miami, you can't miss the wonderful views of the sea!

Bicycle hire comes with a free, easy-to-use Miami Beach card for comfortable itineraries. Visitors usually need a few hrs to cycle, although you have all day if you want to use it to get to other rides. Our supportive team will help you choose the best itinerary for your sights!

The Miami Bike rental by Bike and Roll is available as an optional extra on the Miami & The Keys Explorer Pass. Finish the day with an enjoyable but relaxed 90-minute duck tour of South Beach. This famous beach town, one of the most beautiful areas of Miami, has many attractions and sound that visitors can soak up.

South Beach Duck Tours require a reservation, so you should make it in advanced and be there 15 mins before your planned flight depart. The Duck Tours South Beach ticket is available as an optional extra on the Miami & The Keys Explorer Pass. Take this one day in Miami and avoid the combination of entry to the Miami Seaquarium, Duck Tours South Beach and a bike hire with the 3-Choice Miami Explorer Pass®.

Or select from over 25 attractions to create a sight-seeing route for you. Anyway, your only day in Miami is sure to be a lot of jolly-- Go Miami Card is the best option for your holiday for the best possible cost saving and holiday flex. To the best of the author's ability, the information in this article was correct at the date of publication.

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