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Being at home makes the mother's life much easier when it comes to paying bills! And I understand that home finance is one of the biggest financial decisions you will make in your life. I' m doing all my banking with this bank and highly recommend this branch. For general information, please contact

It offers online banking, mobile banking, overdraft protection, workplace banking, investment and insurance services.

Like Mid-Hudson Valley is'interpretation of the grey zone'?

KINGSTON, N.Y.-Mid-Hudson Valley FCU's web pages are FFIEC conform, not thanks to automation." "It is in the way of things that you cannot automatize compliance," Jessica Fox, VP Risikosmanagement at the $700 million CU proposed here. Mid-Hudson Valley FCU (MHVFCU) is seeking guidance from an external regulatory affairs specialist to complement its regulatory work. "and I don't have enough fucking clue to investigate every issue of regulatory affairs that comes up on my desktop.

It is of inestimable value that a single party researches a 450-page rule and carries out a thorough, official evaluation of the risks on our websites. "Although some providers offer check list utilities that can help streamline the compliant processes, the interpretation of the contents of these check lists is haardy, added Andrea Stritzke, VP-regulatory Compliance, PolicyWorks, the company that has interpreted "the grey areas" in all MHVFCU businesses, she said.

"It is not possible to automatize whether the cooperative banks' on-line advertising is conform. "Adherence to the site should be viewed from three perspectives: disclosure, vulnerability and safety, she said. The members are unaware of the safety of the Internet is one of the greatest issues facing the cooperative banks as they work to follow last year's FFIEC expansion, said Tony Schwarz, directors, venture capital, Affiliates Managment Co, the PolicyWorks motherland.

"End-ups allow web banking operations, so they need to be informed about the use of antivirus technology and the kinds of websites and hyperlinks they should avoid," says Schwarz. Fox said MHVFCU is following PolicyWorks advice by improving education assets, providing safety advice and on-line safety resolutions to educate relatively technically proficient members about cybersecurity.

If, as a result of a breach of our members' confidence, we loose everything. "Fox said, "MHVFCU is relying on PolicyWorks to conduct an audit annually to verify adherence to its online banking platform. "If third parties are misinterpreting a rule, it is useful if they have PolicyWorks support documents to let them know what needs to be changed and why.

" From the point of view of compliance," says Schwarz, "the assessment of risks on websites does not have to be very complex. "They collect the information, which includes guidelines, on-line process and vendor records, the type of transaction allowed and the personally identifiable information available on the Websites. They show how you classify and classify the risks and which checks are in place to make the risks bearable for the cooperative's managers.

Fox said that when MHVFCU makes its debut in April, the services will also be checked for adherence. Stritzke added that the best policy is to incorporate the guidelines and procedures of our current practice in this area. "Ensure that you have your wireless banking included in your BSA (Bank Secrecy Act) declaration and your BSA," she said.

Investigate disclosures related to MMB. "PolicyWorks also assists MHVFCU with regular financial reporting on the Bank Secrecy Act, Home Mortgage Disclosure Act and Fair Lending," Fox said. "policy works is a cost-effective way to solve regulation problems that arise in the course of business."

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