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The Mhv Credit Cooperative

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The APS Federal Credit Union was founded in Charleroi, Pennsylvania.

The Mid-Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union (MHV) | Case Studies

With the Mid-Hudson Valley Federal Crime Credit Unions (MHV) evolving from a sole cooperative to a full-service 11 -branch bank, a major company-wide review of the company was underway. The MHV needed a new organizational framework to get the messages across to all people. Tailor-made programme on the subjects of management, services, creativity, recruiting, education and cultural activities.

In Kingston, New York, a one-day crash meeting for MHV leaders and 3 independent meetings for their staff. MHV' staff have thought about how to tailor Disney practice to the needs of their business. The MHV has set up a "Culture Committee" based on the Disney principle to honour excellence and promote its new aura.

You learnt that a burgeoning business has to realize a "culture by design". In their role as manager, they knew that they had to establish a clearly comprehensible, measurable and lasting corporate governance framework for their people. With the adaptation of a Disney surgery, MVH launched a personal appreciation programme, the "Wow Awards", which includes weekly awards and an award of $2,400 a year for outstanding client services.

There was a service-oriented cultural shift. Michaud: "I listen to WowServiceStories almost every single second.

The MHV Credit Union wins CUNA Diamond Award

The Mid-Hudson Valley Federal Criminal Court (MHV) recently awarded KINGSTON a CUNA Diamond Prize for its Don't Let Your Snowball brand. Diamond Awards are presented each year to cooperative banks in appreciation of their excellent commercial and market performance in the cooperative banking world. It was awarded by the Crédit Unión Nacional Association (CUNA) de la Médeclaration et de Développement busines, a nationwide association of over 1,300 experts in the fields of commerce and commercialization.

The prizewinners were presented at the twenty-fiveth anniversary meeting of the Board in San Francisco, California, March 11-14.

Federal Credit Union in Middletown, NY with ratings

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