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See Don Spiro, MHV mortgage lender! Make an appointment with an MHV mortgage expert today! There are more ways to bring MHV into the modern age! The two credit cooperatives had community. The APS Federal Credit Union is the largest competitor of the MHV.

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The Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union

Mid-Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union (MHV), based in Kingston, New York, is looking for a Chief Retail Officer to lead and manage retail operations, sales, and business development activities in line with the company's corporate objectives and visions.

Through Mid-Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union MHV is a non-profit making finance association run by its members, to which everyone who resides, works or goes to college in Ulster, Dutchess or Orange County belongs. MHV, with over $980 million in funds, 73,000 members and 13 offices in approximately 12 towns, provides its members with financing opportunities by building confidence and providing dependable service through cutting-edge technologies.

We specialize in Executive Recruiting, Compensation Services, Retention & Retirement, Strategic Services and Board Leadership.

Mid-Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union $697 million chooses Open Solutions' DNATM platform

a leader in providing embedded base technology to the US, Canadian and other global banking industries, today announces that the Mid-Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union (MHV) has chosen Open Solutions' DNATM key technology stack. The MHV is a non-profit, member-owned finance co-operative that offers a wide range of finance related activities to satisfy the needs of its members.

The MHV is a powerful supporter of the Credit Union philosophie of "People Assisting People" and has provided excellent member support since 1963, when it was founded as the IBM Kingston Employees Federal Credit Union. The MHV became a Communitys Credit Union in 2002, which extends memberships to all persons who live, work, worship, volunteer or attend schools in Ulster, Dutchess or Orange County, NY - as well as to companies and other corporate bodies.

Today, MHV is one of more than 400 banks using Open Solutions' proprietary key software based on the power of Open Solutions' unparalleled unified datamodel and designs. With its member-centered process, this approach significantly improves the workflows, agility and efficiency of the credit cooperatives that operate the system. Besides MHV' proprietary cView, the company's relation manager solutions, MHV' proprietary plate capturing for article handling and our member authentication solutions.

The MHV will also be the first Open Solution customer to use uGenius PTM Terminal. Plasticized Plastics Inc. Plasticized Plastics, Inc. provides a comprehensive suite of products for enterprise information strategy based on a central Oracle relationship manager with web browsing, money managment, CRM/business information, finance and finance reporting and reporting as well as revenue reporting software, asset tracking, imagery, digital documentation, speech output, technological service, HSA, payment and credit approval systems.

The Open Solutions' comprehensive range of banking and savings solutions enables US, Canadian and international banking, credit union and international banking and finance institutions to better competitively develop and leverage their trustworthy finance relations, customer focus, fellowship and personalised customer care in today's aggressively competitive market. More information about Open Solutions can be found at

It is a registred trade mark of Open Solutions Inc. Use of any other brand or trade name is subject to change without notice. Copyrights 2011 Open Solutions Inc. The Mid-Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union is a member credit cooperative that serves private persons and companies in the County of Ulster, Dutchess and Orange.

MHV has been making life simpler for our members since 1963 by offering comprehensive and comfortable finance to them. A credit cooperative strongly affected by technological advances, its members' experiences are fuelled by innovative, dependable customer care and ease of use. The MHV provides its members with a full range of private and commercial bank products, affordable finance, 24/7 staff plates and comfortable e-services.

For more information, please see Editorial note: Proper use of the Open Solutions Inc. name. is called either Open Solutions Inc. or Open Solutions. To no longer use the abbreviation OSI to describe the business.

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