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The Members Choice Credit Union is a full-service financial institution based in Houston, Texas. The Members Choice Credit Union in Ashland KY is a non-profit cooperative founded by the people for the people. The choice of members is to expand our Facebook page, and we need your help to do so. Ashland, Kentucky. Receive directions, reports and information for Members Choice Credit Union in Houston, TX.

Member Choice Credit Union: Welcome.

The choice of members is to expand our Facebook page, and we need your help to do so. A particular thanks goes to Sirley Heindl. Mr. Schirley has been a member of the Executive Committee for 29 years. Over the years, under Shirley's leadership, the cooperative has flourished and expanded.

Mr. Schirley has always had the best interest of the credit union, its members and its staff at heart. What's more, he has always had the best interest in him. We' re going to miss her at the credit union. PIVACY POLY NOTICE: Go to the Privacy Policies page and read our policies. CUNA Mutual offers various kinds of insurances via the symbol on the'Links' page.

IMPORTANT: Text and telephone conversations are allegedly forwarded by MCCU, prompting you to check your credit cards or credit cards number. Online Bill Payment is available to all members with a share draft (current account). As soon as you are authorized by Credit Union, you can start paying invoices.

Visit the credit cooperative's offices to find out about this new feature. Members who have Internet bank account information will be notified by email each month to view their annual accounts. When Members Choice Credit Union does not have your valid email adress, no notification will be sent, but you can still continue to have your account card printed from the on-line bank site.

Welcome to Members Choice Credit Union, Inc. Member Choice Credit Union, Inc. is proud to serve the fellowship for over 60 years. The mission of Members Choice C.U. is to provide members with the best in saving, credit and day-to-day finance transactions. The Members Choice Credit Union adheres to the Credit Union policy of "People Help People".

We adhere to the highest technical and ethical norms to better service our members and colleagues," shows our general approach to our members, which goes the additional distance while at the same token safeguarding all our bank account balances. A few of the offered value-added tax benefits are: shares (savings), free stock switching (examination), loan, Christmas clubs' shares, stock certificate deposits and mortgage.

We ensure that your American Share Assurance (ASI) is your policy (up to $250,000 per account). It is not state-insured. Through election, MCCU has decided to underwrite single accounts up to $250,000, through the nation's biggest privately held underwriter, American Share Assurance.

It is not Swiss-funded. "Members' bank account is not covered by insurance or guarantee by any governmental or government-sponsored body. "Please see the Privacy section for full details.

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