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City of Melbourne Day Trip

Select one of our day trips in Melbourne. Here we have selected six of the best day trips from Melbourne. Which are Melbourne's most popular tours? The Melbourne Day Trips list will help you get started. I' m with you all in saying you can't do Tas justice in one day.

From Melbourne: 6 great day excursions

Wine cellars of international renown, large sea voyages, mineral-rich thermal baths - all within a day from Melbourne. Only a few towns are as well placed for day excursions as Melbourne. One or two hours outside the city you can hike through old rain forests, watch rugged pinguins and koala or admire world-class arts.

Drop into beautiful coastal cities, a 100-year-old steamship and some of the best places to eat in the countryside, and you have many good reason to leave the city. Daylesford, just 90 mins from Melbourne, offers an effortless excursion with its beautiful Central Highland scenery and a wholesome portion of sophistication.

Frank and Connie's Kitchen in Hepburn Springs, where you will also find the Hepburn Bathhouse and Spa. End the day with a refreshing dip in water containing minerals and perhaps a hydromassage before returning to Melbourne. While the Great Ocean Roads are best to explore for a few nights, if you only have one day, you can still explore the peaks of the east end of the itinerary.

After another 45-minute drive, Lorne is another enchanting coastal city known for its vibrant art scenes (don't miss Qdos Arts) and one kilometer of surf. Perhaps you'd like to have dinner here before heading to the most popular landmark on the Great Ocean Roads, the Twelve Apostles.

Close by, the distinctive Loch Ard Gorge is also definitely a worthwhile visit before returning to Melbourne. Vineyards aren't the only attractions in the Yarra Valley. Begin your adventure in the National Rhododendron Gardens about an hours drive from Melbourne. Drive on to another of the area's lovely towns, Belgrade, to travel back in time on a 100-year-old steamship called Puffing Billy.

Booking a luncheon on the boat and enjoying the drive back through the region's vast forest before returning to Melbourne. The beautiful sea-side towns, excellent vineyards and excellent dining make the Mornington Peninsula a great year-round getaway. Here you can explore the famous vineyards of the region, known for Pinot Noir and Chiardonnay with a cold weather.

Most of the best vineyards, such as Montalto and Ten Minutes by Tractor, also have celebrated dining areas, which are a good option for lunches. Spend your leisure year exploring historical coastal cities such as Portsea and Sorrento, both of which have well-preserved monuments. Take the Sorrento road to Queenscliff before returning to Melbourne.

The goal is to get to the fishermen' s town of San Remo, about two hrs from Melbourne, before noon to observe the day-to-day feed of the pelican and stingray. There is a viaduct from here to Phillip Island. The next stop for motorsport enthusiasts is the Grand Prix circuit, where the Motorcycle Grand Prix is held every year in October; a led trip or rounds with a pro rider.

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