Mcgraw Hill Credit Union

The Mcgraw Hill Credit Union

MacGraw-Hill Federal Credit Union, East Windsor, NJ. DON'T use this credit union to lease your car or anything else! MacGraw-Hill Federal Credit Union operates as a credit cooperative providing banking, investment and insurance services. Receive information, directions, products, services, phone numbers and reports about Mcgraw Hill Employees Federal Credit Union in New York, NY. Obtain directions, reports and information for McGraw-Hill Federal Credit Union in Windsor, NJ.

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The McGraw Hill Federal Credit Union is based in East Windsor, NJ, 120 Windsor Center Drive. At present, the credit cooperative's total net worth exceeds 410 million dollars and has more than 21,000 members all over the globe and almost 120 participant organisations in the country. The McGraw Hill Federal Credit Union (MHFCU) was founded in 1935, initially for staff of the McGraw Hill Companies in New York City.

In July 2005, the cooperative relocated from the McGraw-Hill Companies Hightstown, N.J. office to its present East Windsor, N.J. site. Co-operative provides its members with saving deposits of up to $250,000, including conventional saving deposits, high-yield and free checks, CD's, cash management and IRAs.

Included in its loaning solution set of menus are Visa Platinum Credit Cards, new and used autocredits, home equity and line of credit, fixed/adjustable rates of mortgages, home office credits and student credit. In addition, the credit cooperative provides long-distance bank accounts via more than 70,000 free cash dispensers throughout Germany, 5,000 joint branches, free Visa Debit cards and daily bank accounts via iPhone, iPad or Android applica-tions.

Deriving from the annual report of the Kreditgenossenschaft (published in September 2017) - In this fast-paced and demanding interest market the Kreditgenossenschaft continued to be strongly and well placed in financial terms in the past financial year. For the first year in its existence, the cooperative's wealth increased to over $400 million, an up 10% (37 million dollars) over the previous year.

Members' shareholders' equity was $44 million and the net asset to asset balance sheet remains buoyant at $11 million. Ongoing credit program performance resulted in credit balance increases of $36 million, an improvement of 13%. He is the longest acting Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the credit cooperative, who held the post from 1970-1995.

It is still active on the cooperative's Executive Committee and is supported by it: Maryellen Herzich, Chairman; Maryellen Valaitis, Vice Chairman; Sue Young, Treasurer; Gail Miner, Interim Secretary; John Dery, Director; Stephanie Hoopes, PhD, Director; Andrew Hwang, Director; Patrick D. Mahoney, Director; Michael Twamley, Director; and Howard Karp, Director (Emeritus).

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