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Day Trips to Maui

The Pearl Harbor and North Shore Tour from Maui. Review a visit to Pearl Harbor from your must-do list with this day trip between the islands from Maui to Oahu. Excursion ideas from Maui, Oahu & Big Island. From Maui to Oahu, this day trip is a must to visit Pearl Harbor. Experience the beautiful island of Maui on the best day trips from Honoulu to Maui, one of the cheapest and most exciting Hawaii tours.

The Maui Top 10 Day Trips & Excursions (w/prices)

Journey comfortably and stylishly along the notorious Road to Hana on this luxurious small group outing. Embark on this memorable day excursion from Maui to Oahu and take a journey back in history to a period of conflicts and war. Discover the luxuriant tropic beauties of the Hana coastline of Maui on a wonderful day excursion to the east side of the isle.

You will see a lot of things on this Hana route..... Two of Maui's most beloved things to do in one day! Experience the spectacular Namibian sundown on Mt. Haleakala, the 3,050 metre high volcano summit in Haleakala National Park. With Pearl Harbor on your must-do schedule while you visit Hawaii, this day out from Maui to Oahu will make your life easier.

A half day snorkeling excursion to Lanai with its wonderful coastlines, rocks, sand and cave from Kaanapali Beach. A 4-hours snorkeling excursion..... One of the highlights for most of Maui' s tourists - if not all of Hawaii - is a sightseeing cycle through Maui' s resting Haleakala vulcano. Maui Mountain Cruisers Haleakala Express Maui is the longest non-scheduled cycle ride on the islands (about 26 miles).

You will be taken on a led vans trip..... Haleakala Day Journey is also a very much loved Maui Mountain Cruisers biking itinerary. The trip will take place at about 6:00-7 am. Haleakala Day.....

Maui 5 day trips - Hulaland

When you are traveling to Maui, you are probably looking forward to a lot of hours on the shore, by the pool and chasing the best beaches. And, hey, that's what a seaside vacation is all about, right? However, just in case you are looking for more activities in Maui, for a larger dosage of adventures or to discover everything Maui has to provide, here are 5 proposals for Maui day trips:

Street to Hana. One can' t come to Maui without taking the street to Hana. Maui' s infamous hair-raising jungles route is well-famed. 50 leagues to see places you've only dreamt of....rainbow eucalyptuses, bamboos, deep ravines and dales, vast sea vistas, small chicks, abundant sandy and dark sandy shores and waterfalls...the Hana Strait has it all.

There is not much to see in the city of Hana itself, but there is so much to discover that it will be difficult to see everything in natural light. Schedule a 3-4 hour walk on the Pipiwai Trail near Oheo Gulch in Haleakala National Park before heading CW.

A lot of travellers do not travel because they think it is too long, too much for children or the street is too weird. If you come to Maui and leave Hana out, you're gonna miss something. These are the true Maui people.... You won't see the best of Maui without daring into the jungle on the eastern side.

When you really want to really appreciate your journey to Hana and don't get so worn down, I suggest you spend a nice overnight there. You' re not very fond of Maui? Reread up on the layout of the ist (country) and where to stay plus my favourite seaside resorts, budget hotels, airbnbs, honeymoon resorts, familiy kind resorts, luxurious resorts and fashion shopstels.

Haleakala. Well there are no activities on Maui, but Haleakala is a huge sleeping vulcano and the home of territory that is truly "outside this world". Actually, this is one of the most loved things in Maui, but it's not for the faint-hearted. It is a good 2-hour ride from most areas of the Maui Resorts and you need to be up there long before dawn to find a place (they shut the car park up when it is full), so you will need to vacate your place in the early mornings, according to your schedule, to make the itinerary.

When getting up at 2am is not your mornin' mornin' mornin' of your journey (try it on the first mornin' when jetlag probably gets you up early), the sundown is also quite spectaculair. A lot of folks are combining a tour to Haleakala with some of the highland attractions (see below). Take the Haleakala Highway up to Ulupalakua, where the Maui's Winery is at.

From this street you have a wonderful view to the area of Wailea/Makena. From Ali'i Lavender Farm, stop for the best view in Maui and then take Kekaulike Rd to Makawao (a shoppable cowboys' town) before ending the day in the city of Paia, where there are many shops, restaurants and all the great attractions on the northern water.

Gentle slopes, lilac coloured yacaranda bushes and dramatic vistas of the archipelago are just some of the main attractions that make it a tourist area. If you want to stay one or two nights in this area, I like Lumeria Maui near Makawao very much. West-Maui Loop. The Kahekili motorway around West Maui, while the Hana Strait has the call to be a shocking one.

Although not so tropically, this trip around the West Maui Mountains provides stunning vistas and insights into isolated Hwaiian communities away from Maui tourists. However, be cautioned.... this street (especially the end nearest to Wailuku) is a small street with a precipice in many places.

Begin your day in the Iao valley in Wailuku (large Jura garden with a view of the mountains), before you head off anti-clockwise (Attention! When you are suspicious about the ride but want to see the blow hole and the heart-shaped cliff, take off from Kapalua, walk around counterclockwise, see the blow hole and then simply turn around your itinerary.

That really frightening part of the street is between Wailuku and the blow hole. Although it is located right next to one of Maui's main venues, many people visiting the Wailea region sometimes miss the trip to the southern part. At the end of the day you come to the Big Beach (Makena State Park), which is very much loved by local people and guests and is a must.

Immediately after Big Beach on the right side of the street you will see a signposted entrance to the coast (do not squint or you will miss it). At the roadside, park and continue along the small walkway between the two buildings, surrounded by walls, until you find Secret Beach. Continue southwards and you'll see the multi-million villas that are home to Maui's series of film stars part-time dwellers.

Finally, the street rises through a huge expanse of water before ending in La Perouse Bay. It is not uncommon to see sharks or tortoises in the water along the way. It' one of my favourite parts of Maui. Do you feel a little overburdened with trying to find the ideal Maui route?

The Maui Bound! I have put together the BEST Maui Routes that you will find everywhere! This is the itinerary I use on my trips to Maui (plus some optimizations because the 20/20 review is right?) and it's great for beginners and repeaters who want to see the best of Maui.

Maui Bound gives you a 3, 4, 5 and 6 day route and I am not just referring to a to-do-itlist. Simply pour in a little saltwater and you'll be there for the journey of a lifetime! It' a real treat! For the Maui Bound travel package, click here.

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