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This is an alternative to Craigslist Maui on the island. It' the most valuable source for local news, local classifieds and real estate to rent or sell. Newest tweets from Maui Now Classifieds: Telephone an expert display on the Alaska Dispatch Marketplace. Ads from Holsters in Maui.

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Holders who wish to place an ad in this area - Please submit an ad to Kayc at KTOA,115 E. Lipoa St. Unit # 107, Kihei, Hawaii, 96753 OR e-mail Kayc at The ad will normally appear in the next release and will only run ONCE unless preparations are made for later release.

Change of owner - a copy of the first page of the document entered in HAWAII (document must contain the entity and the weekly number) must be made available to the KTOA management. The KTOA does not assume any responsability or adhesion for the content of the advertising.

Classifieds for free! Purchase a vehicle or lorry, sale your home, find a career, home, apartment, and more.

There''s no better moment to buy than now with up to $8200* in discounts on your money. You can also get 0% financing* and Bobcat's Powerlease with a minimum of $890* per month with NO MONEY DOWN* This engine comes with A91-included; if you wish; - Heated and Air Conditioned Closed Enclosure - Power Bob-Tach - Sound Reduction - Deluxe Instrument Panel - Keyless Ignition - Attachment Control Kit - High Flow Hydraulics - Two Speeds - 3PT Seat Belt - Hydraulic Bucket Positioning - Roller Suspended - Radio - Ride Control - SJC Controls - Air Seat - 68" Heavy Duty Bucket The only thing still lacking is a new-lookin? like you!

$8200 discounts in real time are only available for purchases in real time without funding or lease. Deductions are available for low interest rates. 0% funding is available from 12 to 60 month with some funding surcharges. The Power Lease is available from 24 to 84 month without a deposit.

Finance and lease is OAC. 2017 Jeep Patriot 4×4 Ltd. with economical 4-cylinder motor, 9-speed auto gearbox, fuel-efficient stop-start function, warm leathers, warm handlebar, full-colour 8.4-inch LCD monitor with sat-nav, electric driver position, long-distance starting, push-button starting, electric tailgate, double brushless electronic suspension, cross, power group, 19-inch light metal rims, etc.

With top-dollars for your business, we provide a wide range of finance and we can make arrangements for you. We have over 150 cars in inclusive a 2017 Jeep Compass Trailhawk 21kms (red) for $31,995 in Gander for over 40 years we are Jerry's Car Sale Limited "The Home of Low Mileage Vehicles" tandem boot trailers in good highlights this year.

2013 Kia Sorrento AD AWD, 7 passengers, 7 seat leathers, warm/cold/energy front seat, rear view cam, panorama moon roof, 64000 km, towing kit, navigationsystem, well serviced. A small wholesaler looking to rent or sublet a small storage facility in St. John's, Mt. Pearl, CBS area. minimum 700sqft.

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