Massage Therapy Training

Training in massage therapy

Accredited massage diploma courses can help you qualify and prepare for work quickly. London Massage School offers massage and beauty therapy courses for beginner qualifications ITEC & VTCT. Like starting a blog for massage therapists. Exercise massage therapy has become a sought-after skill in the fitness industry. These qualifications confirm your competence for use as an oncologist massage therapist.

First steps as a massage practitioner

They can' t even be sure, and that's okay - there's a whole range of treatments to chose from. Use the following tab to get an introduction to any therapy at LSM, but remember that your first introduction is the ITEC Level 3 degree in Massage, Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology (A&P).

In case you already have a degree in anatomy, physiology and pathology or are working on it, you can choose the Levels 3 in massage (ITEC). Certain treatments do not require the 3 degree in massage to begin. It is a great 3-day introductory course to the worlds of ICTEC qualification and massage for all.

If you are a newcomer to the London Massage you will need to be trained on the following points. Use our massage desks during your training at our schools. Massages become difficult รข" really fast! You will practise together in the classroom, the hand Towels you have brought with you are for your own use.

2x Large hand Towel (approx. 100cm x 150cm), which are placed over the whole massage class. This is what you lie on during the hands-on training. You will need to take a couple of slippers or flip-flops with you during massage classes, which you can join after each massage.

Theoretical and massage shoes can be worn. It is necessary to have your own oil tank and your own pad. It is a strap that holds your oil bottles around your waistline during the massage so that they are easily accessible during the massage.

All you need is your own massage oils, good qualities and bio sunflower-oils. Use any large pocket, case or small case to take your belongings to work.

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