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Massage, massage therapy, acupuncture. This is the final list of New York In-Home Massage services as evaluated by the New York community. It's in a basement, and the building isn't something to write home about. I' m getting Thai massage at home in California, and was thrilled to find Thai massage -NYC. but Reinhold's was much better.

Top 10 In-Home Massage Services in New York, NY 2018

"The massage therapist David gave me a great massage. Really enjoying my massage. He was very considerate and highly proffesional. I' d go back to that masseur for my next massage. "Steve is an outstanding coach and massage therapist. Every time he comes to a meeting, we can choose whether we want a massage, qui gong meeting, Thai massage or Yogatension.

" "So, I was waiting for a beautiful massage. And an awesome massage. "JamaicaFit is the place for a relaxed massage. An astonishing massage therapist!Anthony Wilson! I am definitely a customer for a lifetime! "Mauricio is an excellent masseur. He will understand the mechanical aspects of the human organism and explain his therapeutic programme in order to help the patient through his massage work.

Someone has found a member of the extended community who offers the services for free. Because of his professional approach, which helps me to comprehend the advantages of massage treatment, I have tried to sign up at least once a month. I have had my general well being and body fat loss managed by my massage therapists.

Thank you to Dane Niya B" "Excellent massage! Her massage is tailored to the needs of your own organism. She' s never in a hurry and she' s always taking the moment to offer you the best massage for relieving your pains or coping with it. It is always available, if I am in need I would suggest it to anyone looking for the advantages of a massage.


Each therapist is personally chosen by handpicked and demonstrates an informed massage and a sympathetic, curative contact. Indulge in one hr of full bodily rest, ideal for massage novices and professionals. Gain a deep alleviation with more overtime for your pain. Relive the ultimative restart with two hrs of massage treatment across all muscles.

Rates are non-binding and do not represent fluctuations in the sums actually payable due to the location, the date of the agreement, the use of price increases, gratuities, rebates or other circumstances. Your massage will be coordinated with a qualified, certificated masseur, who will be available in your area at the given times.

On your appointments a massage parlour with massage tables, clean bed linen, lotion, oil and massage sound comes to your home to provide a relaxed massage. You just have to lean back, unwind and indulge in your massage. Each of these can be done as a couple massage, either with two massage practitioners massaging simultaneously, or with a practitioner who performs one massage after the other.

We' ll put you in touch with the highest qualified massage practitioner available at the given moment. If you have a choice but are unable to pick the precise practitioner you want, you can opt for a masculine or feminine one. All of our practitioners are personally examined and we ensure that they are fully licenced or certificated in their field of work.

Throughout most states the trial to become a massage therapy professional (CMT) accredited applicant successfully passes backgrounds controls carried out by a state examiner before they are considered able to work securely with the population. To become a medical device specialist, a practitioner must also have at least 500 hrs of hands-on experience, but some states need up to 1,000h.

The massage therapist has a high degree of personal care and professionality. And if you like massaging, we trust that you will do your part to keep our ecosystem healthy. Practitioners are specially designed to put on your skin to help keep you humble. Please send us your details when you book.

He or she will do their best to find free car-parks. If your practitioner is not able to find free car parks, you can be billed up to the amount of the park fee upon presentation of the bill. If there is no practitioner available for your reservation, you will not be billed.

Canadian customers who register a massage with a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) will receive a voucher that can be presented to the insure. There is no need for your own massage couch. Practitioners take the massage couch, cleansing sheet, oil and massage sound to ensure a full massage session.

Practitioners always come with clean bed linen, but you can also use your own.

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