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Compiled from our DC Tourism Guide, with budget advice, travel guides and information on local attractions in Washington DC. There are boardwalk attractions in Ocean City. One of the nightly attractions is life (and food) like in Las Vegas at the MGM National Harbor. Get reviews for Ocean City, MD Family Attractions. View photos of Ocean City, MD attractions and get tips from other families to plan your trip.

New Maryland Top 10 Attractions | Best Sights in Maryland

Evaluate this attraction:. Journey to Maryland would not be completed without a Baltimore Inner Hospital stop. Have an entertaining and exciting Seadog River cruise to discover the historical places around the harbour, discover the Maryland Science Center to spend a wonderful days of study and exploration, and enjoy a marvellous meal with your hosts in some of the best places in the state.

Evaluate this attraction: Well-known as the biggest freshwater in Maryland, Deep Creek lake is an artificial reservoir built in the 1920s. This is currently one of the most popular attractions in Maryland, mainly because of its state parks. Hikers can enjoy a range of thrilling outside pursuits including angling, walking, swimming, snowboarding, ski and wakeboard.

Evaluate this attraction: Nowadays, the playground is a place for long, pleasant strolls, visits to locks and other historic buildings. You can also go on hikes, cycle trips, pleasant cruises and other unforgettable outings. Evaluate this attraction: Whether you're looking for newsstands or unusual restaurants with Maryland's traditional food, entertainment and a fabulous night life of dance and dance, Ocean City is a truly unforgettable city.

There''s no better way to enjoy a beautiful blend of cultural and comfort that only a beautiful, relaxed and truly inviting place like Maryland can have. Evaluate this attraction: When you' re looking for the most exciting adventures of your life, there's no better place than Six Flags America.

Have a look at their fun and relaxing music shows, as well as their aquatic parks for a great ride, both outdoors and in the rain. Evaluate this attraction: Founded in 1962 to preserve the splendour of the islands, Assateague is currently one of the most popular holiday resorts in Maryland. Evaluate this attraction:

There are also two winter gardens open all year round. Evaluate this attraction: Fort McHenry has a long tradition and unique star-shaped architecture and is based in Baltimore, and one of the things for which it has become best known is the defence of the port during the war of 1812.

It is the perfect place if you are interested in the story of the war, because there is a lot to discover and to study. A lot of visitors come to this historical memorial and the historical sanctuary during their stay in Maryland. You' ll look forward to experiencing the story, the countryside and a truly instructive adventure when you come here.

Evaluate this attraction: For the whole familiy, a magic and unforgettable adventure can be enjoyed by visiting the Baltimore and Ohio Railsroad Museum. You' ll be able to find out more about America's most important railway collections and a variety of fun and exciting railway outings.

A guided visit to this unique exhibition is a truly amazing event and there are some beautiful exhibits you can visit during your stay here. Evaluate this attraction: You have a complete listing of shows on their website so you can see which shows you will be watching on your journey to Maryland.

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