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Nyc Maritime Museum

Long Island Maritime Museum is dedicated to the exploration, conservation and interpretation of the rich nautical heritage of our region and the role of Long Island in our national maritime history. The maritime past of New York comes to life at the South Street Seaport Museum. This collection of ship models focuses on ships that were important for the economic and maritime development of New York and America in general.

The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum

At Pier 86, on the Hudson shore, you can see the Aircraft Carrier Intrepid, the Space Shuttle Pavilion, the Submarine Growler and the British Airways Concorde. The U.S. Navy ship gives the museum its name and is the most important one. The Intrepid Fighters struggled in the Second World War, during the Cold War and the Vietnam War.

Later, she was used as a NASA rescue ship. You will see four levels from the deck to the sleeping rooms. Situated in the hanger where you can see very unique items, models and multi-media materials about the ship and its past.

The Growler U-boat was constructed in 1958 and went into retirement in 1964 as it was obsolete, proving the horrible way the Navy lived in such warships. You will see all rooms of the U-boat during your tour, as well as the rocket and the rocket room. At the Intrepid Museum, you can board this record-breaking aircraft that crosses the Atlantic in 2 hrs 52 mins.

Anyone who likes this theme will love the Intrepid Museum. It takes an entire day to explore the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum.

John Doe

An enthusiastic audience was celebrating the towing industry on a nice, bright summer's Eve and honoring our own, Captain Harold A. (Hap) Parnham. There were also photos of Allied Transportation, Buchanan Marine, Crowley, Vane Brothers and the renowned marine photo artist Steve Munoz. Further exponates were a slideshow of tugs from New York by Steve Munoz and a powerful point demonstration by Robert Hill of Oceans Sea Tiger Barges Engineeringa.

Capt. Hap Parnham was honoured for his many years of commitment as a museum voluntary. Capt. Parnham was presented by Captain McNamara, who pointed out that Hap had been in the fort since 1946, first as MUG, then as Professor of Navigation and recently as a museum voluntary.

Former co-workers were also present; Dr. Fred Hess, Captain George Previll and Dr. Joe Hoffman (Maritime Colleges new VPAA); relatives, business partners and many more. Thanks to its generously endorsed and directed by John Arntzen and Al Golden 'Oct. 46. At this year's meeting the museum is supporting its mandate to preserve, protect and promote the maritime industries.

Slocum friends, this is the first commemoration of the Tompkins Square Park catastrophe in Manhattan, New York, that the museum has not hosted in June. Rather than giving up the missions, we agreed to set up the monument in September, the 100th jubilee of the Children's Slocum Fountain at the Tompkins Square Park play area.

Many thanks for your continuing interest and your assistance in commemorating the catastrophe of General Slocum. Mr. Gerson has profound consulting, strong funding and is directly in charge of many of our museum items. His greatest gifts to the museum and his fortunate benefactors were the organization or provision of exhibitions; "Dazzle and Drab", "Hall of Honor", "Ship Models", "Training Ship Models", "Commodore Alexanderson Park (with the five-leaf bike of the SS United States"), "Haven" are just a few of his many major contributors.

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